Democrats relieved as the pace of in-person voting picks up to match 2017 levels in Charlottesville


The pace of in-person voting in Democratic Charlottesville, Virginia has increased and provided a positive signal for Democrats.

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report tweeted:

Republicans could get a record number of voters in Virginia and still lose

As Virginia’s political leanings turned bluer, Republican Glenn Youngkin could reveal every slimmest Republican and Republican in the state and keep losing.

As Washington Post’s Dave Weigel pointed out:

The only thing that matters in this race to be Virginia’s next governor is the Democratic turnout. If the Democrats get even a reasonable amount of turnout, Terry McAuliffe will win.

Democratic turnout in Northern Virginia and college towns is the one metric everyone should keep an eye on.

As President Obama said, “When Democrats vote, Democrats win.”

Elections in Virginia should be close, which, given the current negative climate and how angrily excited Republicans are about culture warfare issues, isn’t a big surprise, but in Virginia, if Democrats turn up to vote, it’s bad news for Glenn Youngkin and Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

Virginia is far from a lost cause for the Democrats. Every vote counts, so a final push for Democratic Election Day may be enough to destroy the GOP’s dreams of a distraught Virginia.


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