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Details of Bill Murray and Lucy Liu’s fight revealed by PA

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Charlie’s Angels seemed to be a fun and easy affair with the three female leads seemingly getting along and the end result was a surprisingly fun action movie. Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu are still friends even more than 20 years later, but one person who can’t be invited to any Charlie’s Angels reunion is Bill Murray. It is possible that he could be in the same room with Barrymore or Diaz, but when it comes to Liu, they may have to keep them in their corners. An alleged altercation between the two on set was swirled at the time of its release and now a verified production assistant who worked on the film, Shaun O’Banion, who was also on set at the time of the fight, is giving details on what happened and doesn’t really make Bill Murray look too good.

O’Banion gave details of the alteration due to a viral tweet that prompted him to come forward. The tweet in question contained a screenshot of an article about the incident, claiming that Murray had interrupted a shot to insult Liu’s performance, to which Liu allegedly responded by attempting to physically fight the actor before the two broke up. You can see the viral tweet below:

After this tweet spread, O’Banion took to Twitter to clear up some of the stories with a very detailed account of what happened. It should be known that O’Banion is credited on IMDB as a production assistant on the film and now he works as a producer, even directing his own production. This is what O’Banion tweeted below and you can link to your page to also see your account:

“Basically, Murray rewrote a bunch of scenes without telling anyone (including Drew, who was a producer). He put the new pages on everyone’s trailers and everyone came to the set wondering where the hell the new pages had come from. Murray was the last one. He went on stage and at that point there was already massive confusion. McG (director) was angry that no one had consulted him. The ADs were also angry. Drew’s production partner walked in and Murray said, “What’s going on?” like , “Did you get any new pages in your trailer?” And Murray said, “No. But I put new pages in everyone else’s trailer. “Drew and his partner were quite upset about this. Murray said,” I’m making it better, okay? You have like 16 writers on this … “and [Lucy Liu] he spoke, saying something like, “This is very out of line.” Murray turned and said, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I gave you more lines. I mean … look who you’re here with. You’re television … and this is the big league.” At that moment Lucy screamed, “Fuck you, you fucking cocksucker!” And the AD quickly cleared the stage when Lucy ran off the stage crying. Cameron was trying to be the peacemaker and protect Drew when the ADs cleared the stage. Of course, all of us in production had to stay inside to keep people out. love Bill murray (and had worked with him before), but what he said was totally unnecessary. Really degrading and shitty. This was also quite early in the process, and the team was already very fond of Lucy (and Cameron and Drew). Anyway. No blows were thrown. At least not physically. He later apologized, though not entirely sincerely IMHO.

Oh! Well, it’s nice to know that no one threw punches, but O’Banion is right that what Murray said was grossly unwarranted. Murray just rewrites things too, it’s unnecessary too, but he probably thought, he’s Bill Murray, he can do that. This could be why Murray only played Bosley in the first film based on the popular ’70s series and was replaced by the late Bernie Mac in the sequel.

In addition, I would like to point out a case of positive collaboration. Crispin Glover appeared in both Charlie’s Angels other Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle like the thin man. The reason his character has no dialogue, other than his very manic screams after pulling Drew Barrymore’s hair, is because Glover felt the dialogue was merely expository and suggested to Director McG that the character should be mute. Surprisingly, McG agreed and quietly played the villain, which ultimately made the character that much more memorable. I say all this to say that it is a positive collaboration. You have a suggestion, questions and see if it works. He doesn’t go out of his way to change things without involving the other creative minds behind the project and gets upset when he creates massive confusion.

What are YOUR thoughts behind the altercation between Bill Murray and Lucy Liu on the set of Charlie’s Angels?

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