Did Lady Gaga wear a flak jacket to the inauguration?


To help welcome Joe Biden at the White House, Lady Gaga performed the national anthem. Her dress went viral because she looked a bit like Hunger games dress, but was it bulletproof? There is some doubt around. Here’s what’s going on.

An iconic dress for an iconic moment

Lady Gaga is as much a fashion icon as she is a pop star. The “Poker Face” singer caused a sensation with a litany of outfits, including her iconic one dressed in meat. For the inauguration she wore a black and red dress designed by the Schiaparelli brand. You can take another look and relive his overwhelming performance.

Flash forward to this week where Gaga is doing press to promote House of Gucci. She sat down with Rowing to talk about her most iconic looks. She calls her inaugural dress “one of my favorite things I’ve ever worn”. Some of the dresses in the piece come from Schiaparelli.

Gaga reveals something no one knew: “this is a bulletproof dress”. He loved the golden dove and wanted to represent it Italian-Americans at the inauguration. She even admits that she is a little scared: “I’ll never forget talking to this young man I was with (she said about the American marine who accompanied her) and he asked me if I was nervous and I said ‘yes’, but to sometimes fashion can really give you wings… like a dove ”.

Gaga didn’t give any further details on the bulletproof story, but Schiaparelli reps are talking. Oddly, they are singing a different tune.

Not quite bulletproof?

A spokesperson for Schiaparelli denies Gaga’s story. In a declaration to Daily mail, the representative of the brand says: “The dress was not actually bulletproof, we cannot comment on what it may have been wearing underneath.” There are some brands that produce bulletproof vests that are designed to be discreet. It is possible that Gaga was wearing a device like this.

Who is wrong here?

There is no way of knowing what is really going on here. Maybe Gaga was wearing a vest under her dress, or maybe she was misinformed. On the other hand, perhaps Schiaparelli’s boys are wrong. They made so many clothes for Gaga that it’s possible their rays simply crossed. Their two stories are irreconcilable. Perhaps one day the dress could be examined by a third person. One thing everyone can agree on is that Gaga was awesome.


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