Did Malcolm Brogdon’s injury prevent the Celtics from trading for Kristaps Porzingis? They explore the injury of the Sixth Man of the Year – News Block

Boston Celtics guard Malcolm Brogdon was reportedly headed to the LA Clippers as part of a three-team trade involving the Washington Wizards. That trade fell through, and now Brogdon will apparently stay in Boston.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst of ESPN said Brogdon’s injury history caused the deal to fall through. He said Brogdon’s injuries are so severe that the Celtics won’t be able to move him anytime soon.

Brogdon played limited minutes and missed one game during the Eastern Conference finals with an elbow injury this season. The Celtics were eliminated by the Miami Heat in seven games of the series.

Windhorst: Malcolm Brogdon’s health problem is “so significant” that he is unlikely to be traded anytime soon.

Brogdon won Sixth Man of the Year in 2022-23 and played well in his first season in Boston. He averaged 14.9 points and 4.2 rebounds per game in 67 games, all coming off the bench. He missed 15 games with injuries. He sat with pain in his lower back and Achilles tendon multiple times.

Borgdon has played fewer than 60 games in four of his seven NBA seasons. He is currently dealing with a partially torn tendon in his elbow and is considering offseason surgery.

He only played 36 games for the Indiana Pacers in 2021-22. He sat down several times due to hamstring and Achilles tendon injuries. He has never played a full 82-game season.

What was the proposed Brogdon exchange?

Brogdon was almost sent to Los Angeles in a three-team deal. The Clippers would have received Brogdon. The Celtics would have gotten Kristaps Porzingis. The Wizards would have gotten role players like Danilo Gallinari, Marcus Morris and Amir Coffey. Washington also would have gotten the 30th pick in the 2023 draft.

“Brogdon has a health problem, a health problem that I understand is so important that the Celtics not only can’t make this trade, but there probably isn’t a Malcolm Brogdon trade they can do anytime soon.” . -Brian Windhorst (via @GetUpESPN /h/tB/R) https://t.co/z57QXV7lrD

Brogdon would have been a fit for the Clippers’ deep and talented offense. However, LA has enough injury problems to deal with on its own. Their two stars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, constantly miss time through injury. Both were absent in most playoff games in the Clippers’ first-round series against the Suns.

Boston instead executed a three-team trade with the Wizards and Memphis Grizzlies. The Celtics hosted Porzingis and two first-round picks.

Marcus Smart was optioned to Memphis. Tyus Jones was traded to the Wizards. Washington also received Gallinari, Mike Muscala and the 35th pick in Thursday’s draft.

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