Digital Marketing Research: The Ultimate Guide For 2021


With our world becoming more digitalised and fast-paced, humans have never been more reliant on technology. For businesses, it is crucial to market themselves online to drive their success. This is where digital marketing comes in. 

What is digital marketing? 

First, to digest the information laid out in this guide, it’s important to understand digital marketing. 

In short, digital marketing is the process of using digital media to market products or services to a wide variety of online audiences through an array of technological devices. Given how rapid our world is digitalising, digital marketing is the way forward for many businesses. 

Primarily, digital marketing is carried out by a digital agency. The process makes use of multiple devices including, smartphones, tablets etc. Anyone using a screen will see the impact of digital marketing. There are many different sub-sections of digital marketing which are carried out online. Examples include:

  • Search engine optimisation – your business’s ability to rank in search
  • Social media platform – your business’s presence and power to be seen on social media 
  • Paid advertising – a strategy used to drive traffic to websites

Amidst a digital world with plenty of distractions, digital marketing aims to capture the attention of your target audiences beyond the constraints of traditional marketing. It’s crucial for propelling your business forward in a digital age.

Digital marketing in three simple steps:

1. Content creation 

Content creation provides your target audiences online with free and valuable information on multiple digital platforms to attract potential customers and maintain customer loyalty. Content marketing has been shown to bring in three times as many leads compared to traditional marketing and costs far less. 

When creating content as part of a digital marketing campaign, it’s essential to ask yourself three critical questions as a business owner:

  • Who am I addressing (target market)
  • How do I want to talk to them?
  • Where will I find them (online)

Staying mindful of these questions will help you create content that’s engaging, eye-catching and valuable. 

2. Optimisation 

Once you have created content, it’s crucial to optimise the content to include targeted advertisements and product placements to appear to potential customers. For example, you can make use of keywords, links, and an improved user experience. 

3. Advertising

Advertising in digital marketing aims to drive paid traffic to the chosen website or social media platform. Businesses are known to produce to get their product seen in digital marketing and expect a justifiable return to maximise profits. 

Which sub-sections of digital marketing will drive success in 2021?

There are several sub-sections of digital marketing which operate on an array of media channels. Therefore, digital marketing is often described as a comprehensive strategy, needing specific expertise within each area. Here is a list of some examples:

  • SEO – this is the ability to mould your online content to rank high on search engine results. Several things can help your content rank, such as user experience, keyword search, site speed, site audits, readability, etc. SEO methods are solely organic.
  • PPC – PPC (pay per click) is an online advertising method that companies pay for to have themselves marketed online. A small fee is paid each time their content is clicked upon. 
  • Social Media – this is one of the most frequently used forms of digital marketing currently. The average person spends approximately three hours on social media daily. Hence why it’s essential to ensure your business is visible on this part of the internet. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter lead the market. 
  • Digital PR – this sub-section aims to create promotional material that can generate traffic via brand exposure in the online world. 
  • Display advertising is a technique used to place relevant content on third-party websites such as blogs or forums. The aim is to attract new online audiences. 

In conclusion, there is a wide variety of digital marketing options to focus on in 2021. Making the right choice can be a difficult decision, but it’s essential to consider your business goals, budget, and talent and expertise you can already use. 


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