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Digital Notepads for Kids – Tech News, Firstpost

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LCD screen drawing board
Techleads brings an LCD writing screen tablet that is a drawing board for kids and adults. It measures 8.5 inches and comes in black. It is suitable for designers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and more. It is a good aid for students to take notes, drafts and use them for math formulas. A warm reminder to leave messages to your families, lovers, and you can put it on the desk or hang on the wall. It is a meaningful learning toy for your kids or toddlers to develop a good habit of drawing and writing. Built with a durable battery, easy to replace and works over 100,000 times.

RuffPad Portable Electronic Writer
Portronics brings the RuffPad 8.5-inch diagonal portable electronic recorder. It comes with an LCD screen with 4 magnets and a pink stylus. Ditch the paper with the RuffPad, write notes, lists and scribble without using paper or pen. The pencil can be conveniently stored in the bottom of the case. You can write or draw with the stylus or any other comparable instrument. A pressure sensitive screen allows you to create thick and thin lines. The tablet displays your notes until you erase them with the touch of a button. One-touch button erases notes instantly. Replaceable batteries last up to 50,000 erasures. The durable case and recessed displays are safe for school, travel, and home use.

Digital paperless notepad
Jouxy brings an 8.5 “15R E-Writer. It is an LCD notepad that turns it into a paperless digital notepad. The tablet’s erase button makes it reusable as the equivalent of 50,000 sheets of paper. mess or waste of paper! This paperless design The drawing board has no electromagnetic radiation. You can write or draw with pressure, using the stylus or any other instrument including your fingernails. Drawing tablet removal function works as magically. Simply press the erase button and the writing screen area is clear. Smooth, realistic strokes allow you to feel like you are writing on paper. Ideal for children to learn.

Digital drawing pad
This 9-inch electronic drawing board is amazing for kids and children at home and school. They can doodle and play all day on these learning boards. It comes in pink. There is nothing like a color screen to bring your drawings to life! Every stroke is captured with the pressure-sensitive LCD screen, which features bright colors, a clear image, and smooth writing. Plus, this visually-pleasing screen doesn’t widen or strain your eyes, and an LCD writing tablet is a great creative outlet for your kids. Portable fun for everyone, anywhere you want the notepad close at hand! At 9 inches wide, this display is convenient and portable, so you can fit drawing tablets in a backpack, purse, or suitcase.

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