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Dina Manzo clears her Instagram of any connection to her past life on RHONJ. The Bravo alum has unfollowed everyone affiliated with the New Jersey Housewives franchise.

The Bravoverse is excited by the fact that Dina Manzo recently unfollowed her best friend Teresa Giudice and her husband, Louie Ruelas, on Instagram.

However, that is not the full story. Dina recently unfollowed everyone affiliated with the Real Housewives of New Jerseyincluding Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga.

Dina Manzo stops following Teresa Giudice on Instagram

Dina did so after being dragged into the RHONJ drama during season 13, which she previously said she wants nothing to do with at this point in her life.

This move by Dina has nothing to do with the state of her relationship with Teresa and Louie. Dina still follows all of Teresa’s daughters on Instagram, as well as Louie’s son. She also follows Teresa’s ex-husband, Joe Giudice.

Just this weekend, Dina commented on Gia Giudice’s Instagram photo of her and her sister, Gabriella Giudice’s joint prom.

“Congratulations to both of you! You all look beautiful!! Sending so much love.” wrote the student of Bravo.

Over the past year, the status of Dina and Teresa’s friendship has come up numerous times, most notably after Dina skipped Teresa and Louie’s wedding in August 2022.

Dina’s decision to skip Teresa and Louie’s wedding had NOTHING to do with the status of their friendship and everything to do with the fact that he was being filmed for RHONJ.

At the time, a source close to RHONJ said allaboutHRT:

“Dina is uncomfortable with cameras and told Teresa that if the wedding is recorded to begin with, Dina will not attend the wedding. Teresa understands and knew it from the beginning. They are both very supportive of each other and Teresa respects Dina’s wishes not to be around her while the cameras are on. Dina is in a different place in life from her and she wants nothing to do with the cameras. Teresa is not upset and they remain close friends and support each other. They are and will always be the best of friends.

The former RHONJ star also has major anxiety and PTSD about returning to New Jersey following the 2017 assault she and her husband, Dave, suffered at their Garden State home, allegedly at the hands of her ex-husband, Tommy. manzo.

Dina and Dave were tied up, assaulted with a baseball bat, and stolen $500 and Dina’s new engagement ring.

In June 2023, Dina spoke about the “Near Death Experience” for the first time.

About Dr. Daniel Amen scan my brain podcast, Dina admitted that she had “many layers of trauma” before elaborating on the emotional and physical toll the assault took on his life.

As fans watched during RHONJ season 13, Joe Gorga alleged that a business deal gone bad between Teresa’s now-husband Louie Ruelas and Dina’s husband Dave Cantin caused a rift between the couples.

“David (Cantin) called me because I am David’s friend. Pizza Gate ‘part two…and he fucked up another relationship in Teresa’s life’, Joe claimed in his confessional interview.

Teresa later closed her brother’s claim on her. namaste bitchs podcast, insisting that Louie and Dave never did business together and insisting that the two are “close” and “Talk every day.”

The mom of four explained: “Dave and Luis never had business together, never, never, never, never happened. They’ve always been best friends, really. There is nothing there. And I think there was a story that came out on Page Six that made it clear that I was a little happy.”

Meanwhile, Dina has made it clear that her friendship with Teresa is solid, although it may go through different stages.

“We were never friends” Dina said during an Instagram Q&A in November 2022. “Sometimes friendships pass (through phases), but in the end, true friendships will always find their way back when the time is right.”

Filming for RHONJ season 14 will reportedly begin in August.

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