Disney + now has 118 million subscribers, up from 73 million a year ago


The Apple TV + competitor Disney Plus it now has more than 118 million subscribers, Disney said during a earnings report. That number is a whopping 60% increase on the 73.7 million subscribers it had over this period last year, marking quite significant growth for the streaming outfit.

We are now past the second anniversary of the launch of Disney + with Disney claiming to be “extremely pleased with the success of [its] streaming business. “You too might expect it to be so.

It wasn’t all good news, though. While Disney + could see considerable growth, its losses are also increasing. Disney says this is due to increased programming and other costs, although this is offset by the growth in subscribers I mentioned earlier. Regardless, the fact remains that Disney + is costing Disney money right now.

Disney + ‘s increased loss was due to higher programming and production, marketing and technology costs, partially offset by increased subscription and Premier access revenues. The increase in subscription revenue reflects the growth in subscribers and the increase in retail prices. Premier Access’s higher revenue is due to two releases in the current quarter, Black Widow and Jungle Cruise, compared to a release in the previous year’s quarter, Mulan. The cost and subscriber increases reflect the continued expansion of Disney +.

Dinsey + continues to benefit from some big name releases, including Loki Other The Mandalorian, with more likely successes to come. Having access to a huge catalog of content helps attract subscribers too, which Apple TV + cannot boast.


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