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We’ve seen some high profile people like Joe Rogan tout the advantages treatment with monoclonal antibodies.

Some have raised a question in the last few days about the criteria needed to get treatment for COVID, after reporting that treatment facilities were allegedly using breed as a possible qualification to get treatment in Texas. A relationship allegedly involved the Texas Health and Human Services Infusion Hotline.

The reason is that some medical facilities are making being Hispanic / Black one of the things that qualify you to get monoclonal antibody treatment. there a list from a medical center in Texas what other criteria may qualify you for treatment. You should have at least one. “Latin X or Black” is a possible thing that would allow you to get treatment at this clinic.

Now, the reason some places do this is because blacks and Hispanics are reportedly at greater risk. But according to the Mayo Clinic, While there is no evidence that people of color have genetic or other biological factors that make them more likely to be affected by COVID-19, they are more likely to have underlying health conditions that may be problematic for COVID such as type diabetes. 2. So why is breed listed as a criterion, rather than underlying health conditions that would make COVID more problematic?

Obviously it should be prescribed based on those most at risk and in need, if there were any restrictions.

But why is it necessary to have restrictive criteria? In other words, because it’s not available to everyone whose doctor feels a person should have it, since it’s mass-produced, according to the same medical center in Texas. If it can be mass-produced, why don’t we just have it for those who say the doctor needs it? Especially when it appears to be so effective by the people who have been treated with it.

As we saw in September, Biden reduced the monoclonal antibody treatment that had been shipped to some states, also in Florida, saying he wanted to have “fair distribution”. As a very socialist. Of course, states needed it at different rates, but Biden didn’t distribute it on an as-needed basis. So who knows how many people might have been hurt by that move, just when what it probably should have done is increase the supply even more.

In response, Florida Gov. Ron De Santis just arranged to buy more for Floridians and chastised Biden for his actions. He also berated Biden for going back on his promise to send 50 percent more to the state.

But the rise of the Delta variant has slowed, so why isn’t it generally available to anyone who wants to prescribe it? Having these restrictive criteria doesn’t sound like “following the science” at all.


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