Donald Trump ‘UNFORGETTABLE’ DISCONNECTED on Bannon’s indictment. “The United States is a radicalized disaster!” – The right scoop


Former President Donald Trump released a statement Sunday that absolutely tears apart the state of affairs in the United States under the Biden regime, listing the FAILURES we all have to deal with and reacting to the news in Congress trying to put Steve Bannon and perhaps more people in PRISON for not collaborating with this banana republic, strong arm, kangaroo court of a bogus committee of January 6.

Trump states in the statement that this has never been done and they want to do it to more people, and this is it completely right.

This country has perhaps never done to anyone what it did to Steve Bannon and they are trying to do it to others as well. If they were so hard on China, Russia and the world, which no longer respects us, perhaps our country would fail to a level never seen before. There is never talk of making our country great, which is now going in an unthinkable direction with the withdrawal of Afghanistan, open borders, inflation, has woken up everything and much more. The United States is a radicalized disaster!

Radicalized disorder. I can’t think of a better description than this.

Consider this OPEN THREAD.

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