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Donald Trump’s chances of staying out of prison are not improving

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If you asked Donald trump what you think the next few months will bring, will probably tell you that you will hold some rallies, Playing golfand preparing to return to the White House. I would tell you because he is a disturbed man who apparently thinks that a president who loses an election can simply be “reinstated” into the presidency, as if one could reinstate his cable after canceling it and then panic about how they go. to be able to look Vanderpump Rules. In reality, what the next few months, and possibly years, holds for the former president are many meetings with lawyers about how he is legally in the wrong place, that is, assuming they are still keeping him informed of the situation and are not yet at a point. in which he is simply parked in front of the television “while the adults talk.”

More recently, the bad news for Agent Orange, which is neither good nor bad, has involved the selection of a grand jury by the Manhattan district attorney as part of Cyrus Vance Jr.investigation criminal. Last month, The Washington Post reported that said group will be listening to evidence about the former president, his business and his executives, and on Friday, emerged which, according to reports, has already testified one of the highest officials of the Trump Organization. Which seems less than ideal for the owner of said Trump Organization.

Through ABC News:

Jeff McConney is one of the witnesses who have already appeared before the special grand jury that will decide whether criminal charges are justified against the former president, his company or any of his employees, [sources with direct knowledge of the matter] saying. McConney, who serves as the Trump Organization’s senior vice president and controller, is the former president’s company employee called upon to testify, the sources said, and his testimony is a sign that prosecutors have delved deep into the finances of the company. “Complex accounting issues are crucial to this investigation, as is the knowledge and intent of the people in the Trump Organization involved in these transactions,” he said. Daniel R. Alonso, former assistant chief district attorney in Manhattan and now partner in private practice at Buckley LLP. “In any case like this, the two most important people, whether as targets or witnesses, are the company’s chief financial officer and the company’s controller,” Alonso told ABC News.

McConney was mentioned by Trump in his 2004 book, Trump: Think Like a Billionaire – Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life. In a chapter titled “How to Stay on Top of Your Finances,” Trump describes an interaction he says he had with McConney in the late 1980s in which Trump implored McConney to always question bills and never accept the first offer. from a contractor. “Jeff got the message,” Trump wrote, “and he’s doing an excellent job. He watches over my bottom line as if the money were his. “

In other words, McConney probably knows a lot of information about the Trump Organization, including what might be of interest to prosecutors. And maybe even something about another signature figure:

As part of his investigation, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has also been investigating the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer. Allen weisselbergThe financial settlements, specifically, the fringe benefits he received from the Trumps in addition to his salary, and whether taxes were paid properly for such compensation, sources told ABC News. “If, as reported, the district attorney is targeting Allen Weisselberg, it is a logical step to seek the testimony of the controller, who allegedly reports to him and works with him every day,” Alonso said. A spokesperson for Vance declined to comment on the development, but ABC News previously reported that Vance has tried to make Weisselberg a collaborating witness against Trump and the company.

Former daughter-in-law of Weisselberg, Jennifer Weisselberg, has been interviewed by the district attorney’s office, she told ABC News, and was asked about topics ranging from school tuition and cars to the family apartment she lived in that was allegedly paid for by the Trump Organization. “Some of the questions they were asking were about Allen’s compensation at the Trump Place apartment on Riverside Boulevard,” Jennifer Weisselberg told ABC News in an interview last month. A spokesman for the Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

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