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‘Don’t blame Boone’ Michael Kay demands ‘accountability’ from Yankees owners amid mounting pressure on Aaron Boone

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Brian Cashman’s pain just got a little bigger. The general manager lamented the New York Yankees’ constant losses before the game against the Tampa Bay Rays. However, while he was talking about the team finding its footing again, he lost another one. With the bats going silent again (even Aaron Judge and Juan Soto aren’t as hot as they used to be), there’s increasing pressure on Aaron Boone to find a way out. If one listens to what Michael Kay says, though, the blame lies elsewhere.

Since 2009, the Bronx Bombers have had a hard time getting back to the World Series. The closest they came was in 2017, when the team lost the American League Championship Series in Game 7 due to some off-base hits and catches. However, instead of continuing with Joe Girardi, management decided to replace him with Aaron Boone. Now, legendary Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay has explained why Boone might be trying to avoid a similar fate.

“To attack Aaron Boone, you would have to attack his players, you would have to publicly trash his players.” said Michael Kay. “Why do you think Joe Girardi lost his job? He was destroying Gary Sanchez on the podium! Kay later explained how Girardi lost his job despite leading the Yankees to Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. It wasn’t because he was a bad manager but because “He wasn’t doing the things they wanted him to do, period.”


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It’s an interesting insight, but it also explains the growing influence that owners and analytics departments are having on team personnel. As Michael Kay said, managers might be managing with at least one arm. “tied behind the back”. Perhaps that’s why Kay and his fellow analysts asked for something “responsibility” owned by the Yankees.


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After all, while Boone may have failed to lead them to the World Series for 6 years, the owners have failed to do the same since 2009. To what end can Aaron Boone be blamed for that?

There is no winning culture left in the Yankees, analysts say

While Michael Kay was fully convinced that it was not Aaron Boone’s fault, Don La Greca was a little apprehensive. He questioned Kay. “Don’t blame Boone, it’s an organizational decision.” argument with a simple “Boone has to be a man and do what he has to do.” However, both Kay and Greca agreed on one thing: the New York Yankees no longer have a winning culture within their clubhouse.


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“I think the mission statement no longer applies” Kay lamented. Greca then shared that the idea of ​​a mission statement might not exist anymore. “The idea that the mission is that you have to win, otherwise second place is first loser. I don’t think that exists within the walls of the organization.” Greca said. The Yankees’ culture has always been to get to the World Series and win. Losing that is scary.

And that’s a huge problem and a complete contrast to the New York Yankees of the past. However, there’s no denying that Aaron Boone might have played a role in fostering this culture as well. So is the owner to blame or is there some other reason for the Yankees’ decline?


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