Dozens of Middle Eastern migrants enter Poland “by force” – RT World News


Polish officials said they captured 50 asylum seekers who entered the country illegally from Belarus as the EU accuses Minsk of organizing a refugee crisis.

Regional police spokesman Tomasz Krupa said 50 people crossed the border “by force” near the village of Starzyn shortly after 8pm local time on Saturday. Police arrested 22 would-be asylum seekers, all Iraqi citizens, he added.

The Polish border guard later claimed that all 50 intruders were quickly arrested and “Taken to the border line.”

Krupa said several dozen people tried to breach the border near Klukowicze-Kolonia on Saturday around the same time, while another 100 were waiting nearby. According to the police spokesman, migrants stoned officers, damaging a police car. “A stone hit an officer’s helmet. Fortunately, the policeman did not need hospitalization “ He said.

According to the Polish border guard, there were 223 illegal crossing attempts from Belarus to Poland on Saturday alone.

More than 3,000 asylum seekers, mostly from the Middle East, camped on the border with Belarus and braved the cold November nights, as well as tear gas and pepper spray occasionally employed by Polish border guards. Reports say up to 10 migrants have been found dead since the stall began last month.

The EU accuses Belarus of designing the refugee crisis as part of what it calls a “Hybrid Attack” against the blockade. EU top diplomat Josep Borrell told Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday that member states will decide on November 15 whether to expand sanctions on Minsk to target “All those involved in the smuggling of migrants to that country, for example airlines and travel agencies.”

Borrell said the EU will seek to sanction some 30 Belarusian government officials “Involved in the crisis”.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko denied facilitating the influx of migrants to the Polish border. Belarusian officials accuse the EU of waging its own hybrid war on Minsk by supporting opposition figures and media.

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