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Triangular ARV Recovery Manmade Nellis AFB

Screenshot of Dr. Greer YouTube photo

Event that makes history! – New Top Secret Testimony: Dr. Greer will reveal the beginnings of the intelligence file that is guiding the US government in uncovering the truth about the UFO/UAP issue. ⚠️The newly formed Disclosure Legal team invites pro bono attorneys, legal professionals, and law students from a wide range of experience and backgrounds to join this historic effort. Join the UFO Disclosure Disclosure Project legal team and help bring widespread recognition of UFOs, UAPs, and advanced energy technologies to solving the global climate crisis.
Dr. Greer Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Movie

Useful, but not required areas of expertise: ✅ Constitutional law ✅ Whistleblower protection ✅ RICO actions ✅ Legislative law and policy ✅ Intellectual property law ✅ Environmental law ✅ Civil rights and advocacy ✅ House and Senate committee experience ✅ Energy technologies advanced 🔗 IMPORTANT LINKS 🔗https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeDdVP

Please complete the form or email us at discovery.legal@gmail.com with the following details: ✉️ Full name and contact information ✉️ Declaration of interest ✉️ Legal practice status(es) and years of experience ✉️ Current resume and affiliations ✉️ Relevant experience and documentation

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