Drako Dragon on the way to replace the GTE before it even launches


There’s a Silicon Valley-based electric vehicle startup named Drako, which unveiled in 2019 GTE super electric sedan packing 1,200 hp and a starting price of $ 1.25 million.

At the time, the performance was still somewhat revolutionary for a production electric vehicle, although both have since then Tesla Other Shiny they launched electric sedans with over 1,000hp but costing a fraction of the Drako price. In the case of Tesla’s Model S Plaid, we’re just talking about $ 131,190.

The GTE was supposed to be launched in 2021, but that won’t happen. Drako hasn’t given up on the car and wants to launch it with improved performance and the new Dragon name instead. The company has released some teasers of the Dragon and said the full reveal will take place in January.

The company confirmed increased torque, as well as an upgraded battery with improved range and cooling capacity for track driving. The battery announced for the GTE was a 90-kilowatt-hour, 450-volt unit capable of providing 200 miles of range with moderate driving. It is unclear what characteristics the Dragon battery will have.

Drako GTE

Drako GTE

The Dragon’s powertrain will be a four-engine system in which each engine acts independently, resulting in precise torque vector. System control is Drako’s DriveOS software.

The Dragon will also sport a five-way adjustable suspension system instead of the GTE’s four-way system, and the interior should also be much more exclusive.

We remind you that the body of the GTE, and therefore also that of the Dragon, is the same design used for the former Fisker Karma and the current Karma GS-6.

Drako planned to build only 25 units of the GTE. It is unclear if that figure will be changed for the Dragon. Stay tuned.


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