Dress up your old phone like Android 12 with Lawnchair 12 – Geek Review

Deck chair pitcher
Garden chair

The latest Android 12 from Google to update it has a lot to offer, but probably one of the best features is what they call it Material you. And while only a few Pixel phones have Android 12 so far, you can now dress up your old phone like a new Pixel with the Lawnchair 12 launcher.

This new version of Android can automatically change the entire look of the phone based on the background image and allows for more customization options than ever. The icons, the settings menu, the drop-down bar and even the widgets will extract the colors from the background image and integrate them into the software.

Additionally, Android 12 offers other fun new features, including QuickSwitch support. Fortunately, those with older devices can get all the same great features as Android 12 by installing an new third party launcher. We are talking about Lawnchair Launcher v12.

The app drawer, widget selector, folders and pop-ups have been redesigned to fit the material you design. Basically, it makes your phone look like it’s on Android 12 early on.

It is worth noting that most of this works for phones running Android 8 or later. However, to get QuickSwitch support, you’ll need an Android 11 device, and in some cases, the widgets won’t match the color palette unless the phone is running Android 12. The team behind the app also offers something called Feeding the lawn, which returns the Google feed to the home screen.

Additionally, the update adds new Home screen grid controls, improved accent color selections, and a new experimental font setting.

So while the Lawnchair v12 app is somewhat limited right now, as the developer team updates the app, not to mention other phones that will receive updates to Android 12 soon, it will be an excellent option for those who want to customize your device.

through XDA developers


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