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Dua Lipa wants to be a movie star

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Dua Lipa “would love” to be a movie star.

Dua Lipa

The 25-year-old singer is “intrigued and thrilled” by the idea of ​​using the experience she gained from filming her music videos, but doesn’t want to jump straight into the lead role.

When asked about the possibility of moving into films, she replied: “I think I would really like to, this is something that I am definitely ready to explore and sort out, perhaps with a small role first. I feel like I’m a little more confident in myself. I did a bit of work here and there, so … I feel like I discovered the acting side of music videos. I am very intrigued and excited about the opportunity to do something else at some point. “

Dua especially enjoyed turning into a rider in her “Love Again” video.

She said: “I liked it, it was really fun. I wanted to try different things. Me and [the stylist] Lorenzo just collaborated so well that I felt when we started with this idea, it kind of evolved, evolved and turned into something that we both loved very much. We had a lot of fun. I really liked my character that day. “

Although she currently lives in Los Angeles, Dua, who is dating Anwar Hadid, is not homesick until the weather turns bad.

She said, “It’s funny because when it rains in Los Angeles, I miss London. So while everything is fine, the sun is shining, everything is fine. “

And the singer of “Levitation” can always get better by tasting her favorite dishes.

She said, “My favorite comfort food … I love comfortable food, period. I really love fish and chips, I love a really nice bag of chips. To me it looks more like salty food. But on the occasion I can eat a raspberry donut, but to be honest, it really depends on the day. “

Dua always had her trademark “raspy” voice, and she insisted that it had nothing to do with bad habits.

She said, “I have always had a rather hoarse low voice from a young age. This is not from smoking cigarettes. I’m kidding, I don’t do this anymore. “

Hitmaker One Kiss is eager to get back on track after delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at Radio DeeJay Summer Camp, she said, “The one-year postponement of my tour makes it all the more exciting. I’m really looking forward to performing live with a live audience. “

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