Ecobee offers professional monitoring for $ 10 per month


Ecobee, recently acquired by generator maker Generac for $ 770 million, is expanding its home security offering with a $ 10 per month professional monitoring plan. Ecobee’s new smart security service will use Ecobee’s HomeKit-compatible smart thermostat with voice control, the company’s SmartSensors for rooms and door / windows, and optionally its voice-controlled SmartCamera.

Formerly known as Haven, which only included self-monitoring at $ 5 for cloud storage for a single Ecobee camera or $ 10 a month for an unlimited number of Ecobee cameras, the new Full service of Smart Security will connect directly to local emergency agencies via third-party service provider RapidSOS to dispatch appropriate break-ins and fire rescuers. By routing data directly to emergency services screens, RapidSOS can reduce emergency response times by “minutes,” Ecobee says.

Ecobee Smart Security will use a voice controlled Ecobee SmartThermostat – ours current best choice in smart thermostats—Like its central hub, and that device will hear the sound of a smoke detector going off. Ecobee SmartSensors measure the temperature of the rooms in which they are installed and also detect motion. Ecobee SmartSensors for doors and windows, meanwhile, monitor the status of doors and windows (open or closed) and can trigger an alarm state when they are opened unexpectedly. These sensors can also save energy by pausing the HVAC system when a door or window is left open.

Optionally, one or more SmartCamera Ecobees with voice control can be added and the cameras will not only hear the sound of the fire alarm, but RapidSOS personnel can view the camera’s live video feed during an alarm event to speed up the sending of emergency.

Ecobee is now selling an efficiency and safety solution with a thermostat, an environmental sensor, and two door / window sensors for $ 280. The optional cameras cost $ 100 each, while the additional environmental sensors are available in a one-pack. 2 for $ 100. A pack of 2 door / window sensors costs $ 80.

The $ 10 per month cost of professional monitoring is attractive, given that Ring recently doubled the price of its service plan which includes professional monitoring. Keep in mind, however, that Ring alarm Other Pro ringtone alarm they are part of a much larger smart home ecosystem, although not compatible with HomeKit, and the Ring Alarm series can also send help in the event of a medical emergency in addition to break-ins and fires.

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