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As autumn slowly moves into winter, quite a few changes are taking place here on iMore, not least in the person (s) behind the keys to this weekly column! As you have read last week, our Christine Romero-Chan left us temporarily as she welcomed her first child, so you’ll see some new signatures on the Editor’s Desk roundup every week.

While you may have read some of our words elsewhere on the site, it will be a good opportunity for me, Bryan Wolfe and Luke Filipowicz to introduce a little more of ourselves each week as we take turns holding the reins.

New Apple devices = new reviews

AirPods 3 just in caseSource: Luke Filipowicz / iMore

However, a change in staff is not the only change. With the end of the Apple event season (we think …) for this year, there is also a change of pace for our writing staff, as we really take care of the latest Apple technology and work to create the content. our audience needs most. Specifically, as they think about what new gizmos they plan to buy before the holidays.

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Luke has already put Apple’s brand new earbuds to the test in his excellent AirPods 3 review. Anyone considering purchasing a set should definitely read its review first and consider whether it’s worth the extra money over the previous generation model. We also take the MacBook Pro (2021) to the task as we speak, so look for Bryan’s review of that car in the next few days if you’re looking for one for yourself.

Black Friday is approaching

Availability Apple Iphone Ipad Beijing External StoreSource: Apple

Speaking of the holidays, it would be remiss of me not to mention that November is upon us and, in the world of online publishing, that means one thing: Black Friday. Far from being a relaxing break before a well-deserved break, the holiday shopping season is a busy time of year for us as we aim to ensure that all of our buying guides and best product listings are up to date so that you can make informed decisions.

Each year, we also want to make sure our readers are well served when it comes to product pricing and find the best deals on the things they’ve been waiting for. That’s why ours Apple Black Friday Deals hub will be a page to bookmark in the coming weeks (in fact, bookmark it right now as the offers have already started).

Elsewhere in the news

Despite a shift in general attention, our editorial team continued to cover the hottest Apple stories this week. To start the month, we received reports from Canadian iPhone owners see their device clocks change a week earlier. Is it just me or has this been an issue with the iPhone every year since the dawn of time? It looks like it may have been a vector-specific problem this time around, which makes the case even more curious, but it’s a bit odd that this happens.

In more dramatic news, a British man praised the Apple Watch’s drop detection after being thrown off the bicycle. In an interview, he stated that he didn’t think he was alive without his Apple Watch contacting his partner and medical professionals on his behalf. The the best watch from Apple models have had this feature for a while, but it’s a useful reminder of the importance of the device worn on the wrist. If you haven’t already, maybe go ahead and set fall detection.

Iphone 13 hero reviewSource: Joseph Keller / iMore

In the news “Steve Wozniak sometimes says things”, said the co-founder of Apple who got the new iPhone but couldn’t tell the difference between it and the iPhone 12. As much as I want to make fun of Woz’s comments, the sentiment mirrors our IPhone 13 reviewso i won’t. This time.

The other Apple story to really connect with our readers this week was that of the popular note-taking app Notability switching to a subscription model. As it tends to happen, this has caused something of a furore among app users and in the wider Apple space. In this case, the drama was mainly the fault of the developer’s poor communication, which ignited the touchpaper of vehement opposition to subscriptions, such as iMore contributor Oliver Haslam. he wrote, but there are lessons here for those on both sides of the subject.

Even after the season of events, this proves that there is never a dull week in the Apple world!

- Adam Oram


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