Either the president is a congenital liar or he doesn’t handle things


Former Senator Jim Talent spoke on Thursday about the loss of media credibility. They are bleeding it, but they are only doing it because they are buying into this completely incredible administration.

This morning Jim Geraghty cited three absolute whoppers from Team Biden.

  1. There are at least two dozen American schoolchildren and 14,000 – yes 14,000 – LPRs still in Afghanistan despite the president’s promises not to leave until everyone is out and then change history with a hundred people left behind.
  2. The president said paying $ 450K to the separated illegal immigrants at the border wasn’t happening, so it was. As Geraghty said, “The proposal has gone from” junk “that” won’t happen “to something” that the president is perfectly comfortable with “in about 24 hours.
  3. The president says the misuse of OSHA to create a vaccine mandate will not affect the already dire supply chain problems, a claim industry groups disagree with. Furthermore, this is clearly absolute nonsense for anyone who pays attention to what is happening in the situation.

No one who has risen to the presidency is such a bad liar. Honestly, it’s too easy to prove what’s going on here for this to be an effort to lie.

It seems patently obvious to me that the president simply doesn’t know what his team is doing. In some cases, like payments of $ 450K, he clearly understands what a stupid idea he is, hence his immediate and impromptu denial.

That a shaking old man struggles to keep up with everything that is happening in an executive as large as the United States government is not surprising. But it is deeply troubling when an administration continues on a path that even the trembling old man knows is not the way to go.

Much more than Joe Biden’s limited abilities or Donald Trump’s vulgar brazenness, an administration that clearly acts outside the president’s obvious intention undermines the presidency. Sure, during the Trump administration there were plenty of times he tweeted something only to find that his tweets weren’t formal political statements. In general, President Trump made it clear that his tweets often went out of flow, not setting politics. But surely a very different thing is happening in the case of the $ 450K payments. Biden is not coming after his team and lets us know that he has spoken rashly – his team is apparently acting on their own initiative.

It is very clear that Joe Biden is not in office and therefore the Bureau is deeply damaged and unfathomably diminished.

Senator Tom Cotton noted Tuesday that Joe Biden had sought the presidency numerous times before this and no one thought he was up to the job.. At least then he might have had the good sense to notice that he had a big problem on his hands in a situation like the one he is in now.

Another unrelated comment: Every person in the chain of liars liars who tell lies who tried to make us believe that there were only a hundred people left in Afghanistan should be forced to go there and replace one of the thousands of poor souls they left stuck in the hands of barbaric assassins. .


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