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Elderly woman shot in the back while advocating against abortion proposal – RedState

We still don’t know a lot of the facts regarding a shooting that happened in Michigan. But the initial facts are very problematic. An elderly woman who was campaigning for life against an abortion ballot proposal was reportedly shot in the back in the process.

The “victim said he was shot in the back/shoulder as he was leaving a residence during a heated conversation, and that the man who shot him was not part of their conversation,” the pro-life group wrote in a press release on Saturday. . The unidentified woman is 83 years old, according to police, although Right to Life of Michigan identified her as 84 in the news release. [….]

“The victim is unaware of the identity or motive of her shooter. The victim is still recovering from his gunshot wound and wishes to remain anonymous as the criminal investigation proceeds,” Michigan Right to Life’s press release stated.

Michigan State Police told Fox News Digital on Saturday that the elderly woman was shot after a “verbal altercation while handing out flyers.”

The victim drove to the Lake Odessa Police Department after being shot in the shoulder, according to state police. She was then taken to an area hospital, where she was treated and released.

Police is on the case.

This adds to Democrats’ anger over the abortion issue in the wake of the dobbs decision, as well as the White House demonizing both Republicans and even the Supreme Court as extremists. There was an assassination attempt on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Churches and crisis pregnancy centers were also firebombed and vandalized. Despite Jane’s Revenge taking credit for some of the actions, there have been no arrests, no FBI raids against anyone for the actions. Meanwhile, there was an FBI raid on a pro-life perpetrator at 7am, by 25-30 agents with guns drawn in front of their screaming little children because the perpetrator allegedly pushed a pro-abortion protester.

What kind of slimy worm shoots an old lady in the back? How can someone do such a thing? Again, we don’t know all the facts yet, but what we do know so far is worrying and raises questions as it was after a “heated conversation”.

What we have not seen from the Biden Administration is a strong condemnation and effort to bring to justice those who are committing violence against pro-life centers and churches. Once again, it seems like a two-tiered approach, without paying much attention to the actual terrorism. Let’s hope this isn’t just another aspect of that.


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