Emergency SOS on iPhone saves injured hiker – News Block

A hiker in California’s Angelos National Forest was rescued via emergency SOS on her iPhone via satellite.

Juana Reyes was hiking with friends in Trail Canyon Falls when she was injured by a trail collapse. According to ABC7 Eyewitness News, the hiker said she was unable to get cell service and call 911. However, Reyes’ iPhone had the SOS feature that they were able to use and she got help from EMS. Reyes was then airlifted out of the park and to a nearby hospital for treatment.


A spokesman for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said it’s the third time they’ve had an “iPhone rescue” this year. As for the injured hiker, she has recovered and is now resting at her home.

Emergency SOS via Satellite is an iPhone feature that comes with the iPhone 14. It allows users to communicate via text messages sent by satellite to rescue services.

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