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Emily Blunt gives Christopher Nolan some Uggs

Christopher Nolan was no match against the ridiculous looking but most comfortable boot in the world.

On Friday, Christopher joined the women of the view to discuss oppenheimer and shared the cutest story about a gift he received after filming wrapped.

After criticizing Emily Blunt for wearing Ugg boots every day on set instead of very uncomfortable period-appropriate heels, she figured out the best way to get him on board.

“She gave me a pair of Uggs, actually Ugg slippers, as a gift wrap,” he said.

“For people who’ve been on a set, people know how it works: we’re there, missing the light, ‘Okay, we need the actors to come in,’ and sometimes they’ll come straight from the wardrobe, but they’ll have these big coats on them and they’ll be wearing these big Ugg boots, because the character’s shoes are uncomfortable. You know, ’40s shoes.”

Christopher said seeing Ugg boots “used to drive me crazy” while filming oppenheimer. “I was immediately like, ‘Can you get rid of the boots, put your shoes on and get ready to go?'” he said before adding, “And she got so sick of me saying that over and over again, she thought I should join the Ugg boot cult.”

Now, Christopher is indoctrinated into the “cult of Ugg boots” and thinks they are “pretty comfortable.”

In a previous USA Today interview, Emily shared her side of the story stating that the Interstellar director “hates Ugg boots more than anyone” in the world.

“I’ve never met anyone who hates a pair of Uggs more than Chris Nolan,” Emily said. “Sometimes I would put on Ugg boots and I would have this withering look on my feet, it was like being in The Devil Wears Prada again. Just look at the shoes. And I would say, ‘I know, I know. But today I’m sitting on an apple crate in the background!'”

No one can resist the comfort of a good pair of Uggs.

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