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rapper Eminem has supposedly opposed gizelle bryant and Robyn Dixonthe podcast of reasonably shaded due to his name, which he says is too similar to his own brand of music grim records.

According to sources close to EminemThe rapper’s legal team filed an opposition to the podcast’s trademark application, arguing that the use of the word “shady” could create confusion in the marketplace.

Bryant and dixon They have yet to comment on the matter.

Eminemwhose real name is Marshall Mathersfounded grim records in 1999 and has released several albums under the label, including The Slim Shady LP and Bis.

It’s unclear if the opposition will have any impact on the future of the podcast or if Bryant and dixon you will have to change the name of your show.

This isn’t the first time Eminem has been involved in a trademark dispute. In 2021, he won a lawsuit against a New Zealand political party, which had used a song similar to his hit. Be lost in a campaign ad.

Representatives for Eminem and Bryant and dixon They have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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