England are Qualified for the World Cup 2022: Are They Among the Favourites?


It is very interesting to see that now half of the teams that are going to be in the qualifiers are now confirmed. It’s time to rank the most who are likely to put up a challenge in a years’ time. When you look at the setting and of course, the timing you will soon see that the World Cup looks like it is going to be unlike any other. Now it is only a year away from kicking off and teams from all around the world are now trying to put together a qualifying campaign. There are 13 sides that are now said to be taking part in Qatar. That being said, who are the favourites when it comes to the trophy? Who is going to be outdone?


If you look at any sports live betting site, it will tell you that Germany are one of the favourites when it comes to winning. The Joachim-Low era might well have given Germany some bitter disappointment but right now it looks like things are about to change. The signs are there and it shows that Hansi Flick may be trying to move them in the right direction. The former Bayern Munich boss has stated that he has won seven out of seven, so far. Since he took charge after the Euros, his side have also been able to score 31 goals and they have only conceded twice. Die Mannschaft can easily boast one of the young forward lines too. When you combine this with Joshua Kimmich who is one of the best midfielders around, you will soon see that this helps them to once again, find themselves as the favourites in this tournament.


Even though there are some who question England and Gareth Southgate’s defensive approach, there is absolutely no doubt that they are growing as a team under his strong management. So far the Lions are unbeaten in their qualifying group and they are the only side to do this in a six-team format. They also have many young and talented players who may well be able to move into their peak years, very shortly. This could really help them to turn the tables on France, who right now are at the top when it comes to the predicted winner. Then again, England have shown time and time again that they are capable of pulling out a surprise or two. Even though they have had some rough games, they have also shown that they can come out on top when they really need to and this is very good to say the least, if you are a fan of England that is. Want to find out who is the favourite for the cup? Take a look below.


Even though France did indeed come up short of people’s expectations during the Euro, it would seem that they are now heading to Qatar with the biggest and best squad out of the competing nations. They are currently the favourites when it comes to defending the crown and they are certainly going to give people a run for their money as well. Benzema and Mbappe have shown in the last few months that they are a formidable team in terms of attacking the ball and they are also a force to be reckoned with. It is very interesting to see how things have changed for the French team but right now, it would seem that things are looking up for them and they are certainly showing a lot of promise as well.


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