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Enjoy a creative tomorrow from a greener today


by Cass Art

Our delivery packaging is now 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly! But we know that your creativity goes beyond the canvas. From personalized photo frames to kids’ activities, here are some fun and clever ideas to get creative with your packaging. Be sure to share your creations on social media and #news block.

Create your own photo frame

From photos of your loved ones to your favorite pieces of art, use your cardboard boxes to create your own personalized picture frame. All you need are scissors, tape, and a smear of acrylic paint.

Turn it into a tabletop easel

Whether you’re creating your latest masterpiece or experimenting with artistic styles, excess cardboard is a great material for creating a DIY easel. Simply cut the cardboard into two large rectangles and join them at an angle.

Create a palette to mix paint.

From experimenting with different colors and tones to mixing mediums in your painting, the cardboard sections can be used as additional palettes for acrylics and oils.

design your own bulletin board

Cut out the side of your cardboard box and cover it with some original fabric. Paste in your favorite photos, to-do lists, and inspirational quotes to ensure you’re on your best game every day.

build a car

It’s as if cardboard boxes were invented just for this! Perfect for entertaining children on rainy days indoors. Simply cut out one full side of your cardboard box (for the roof), six holes in the remaining sides (for the windows), and finally attach four circles (for the wheels). Bring your cardboard car to life by adding a little color with pens, paint or paper cutouts.

Flatten the box and draw a race track

Encourage little ones to create their own Grand Prix race track by opening the cardboard box and drawing a track on it. You can even add some trees, farm animals, people, and train tracks.

Create a brush holder

Use your smaller cardboard boxes to keep your brushes organized and upright. It’s also a great solution to prevent paint stains on work surfaces.

Create your own set of shadow puppets

Spark imagination in young minds by creating a set of shadow puppets. Start by cutting out some recognizable shapes (think people, animals, and spaceships) and tape them to some sturdy rods. Wooden spoons are great for this (just make sure to put them back afterwards!)

Do you feel inspired?

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