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Welcome to The Baller Alert Show Podcast, available anywhere you get your podcast! In this episode, finesse2times joins the cast to talk about YK Osiris, Shannon Sharpe and Gunna.

Did you guys see YK Osiris aggressively kiss Sukihana?

“It seems like she was great,” Ferrari said.

“Think about it. If the woman wanted to kiss him back, she would have turned her body,” BT said.

“That’s what she puts into the universe,” Finesse2tymes said.

“I think it caught her off guard,” Ferrari said.

“You know Shanon Sharpe and Skip Bayless?” Ferrari asked.

Shannon Sharp has left Undisputed. What are your thoughts?

“Something big is coming up,” OCT said.

“He did what he had to do for seven years,” Ferrari said.


What part of Memphis are you from?

“Everywhere”, Finesse2tymes. I claim East Memphis.

When did the music start for you?

“It was never something we thought we could make money from,” Finesse2tymes said.

How long were you locked up and what happened?

“The first time they locked me up for nothing more than a couple of hours. My uncle went to the club and I stole the car. I get in the car, get out and the police turn on my lights. I was like thirteen or twelve years old,” said Finesse2tymes.

What landed you in jail?

“I caught a few charges when I was younger. I did some shit and got accused as an adult,” said Finesse2tymes.

As you go in and out of jail, what’s going on with the music?

“I do it because it’s easy. You have to understand when I’m not doing anything but on the streets, why not go to a studio? said Finesse2times.

When did you sign up?

“When I got home”, Finesse2tymes.

“Your team is doing a great job with you, brother,” Ferrari said.

“What is going on with you online? People helping you get dressed,” Ferrari asked.

“You have to behave that way. A man can be a little more tired than women. A man has to work a little more,” said Finesse2tymes.

“Did you grow up feeling this way?” BT asked.

“At first, I didn’t have any respect for women, but now I do. I realized that I hurt a lot of women,” said Finesse2tymes.

Finesse2tymes shared that they have a new song titled Shiesty. “It has Sexxy Red on it. We felt that he needed the energy from him,” said Finesse2tymes.

“What’s next for you?” Ferrari asked.

“We are about to start the release of my next album”, Finesse2tymes.

He shared that he has an album about dating Moneybagg Yo.

Finesse2tymes also shared that they consider Gunna a snitch.

“What he did in court admitting what he admitted, I found out he was a snitch,” Finesse2tymes told.

“Would you do a song with him?” OCT asked.

“No, I don’t feel like it’s genuine,” Finesse2tymes said.

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