Eric Swalwell demolishes Ted Cruz for attacking Big Bird


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) attacked Big Bird for promoting the safety of the COVID vaccine, and Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had the perfect answer.

Rep Cruz tweeted:

Big Bird’s tweet didn’t encourage kids to get vaccinated, but it did tell kids that vaccines are safe. Promoting vaccine safety is now considered government propaganda by Republicans.

Ted Cruz is vaccinated.

Eric Swalwell responded to Cruz’s attack on Big Bird

Rep Swalwell replied to Senator Cruz:

Donald Trump not only called Cruz’s wife ugly, but also accused her father of killing JFK. Ted Cruz responded to these attacks on his family by supporting Donald Trump and defending him for four years.

Cruz let Donald Trump insult his family, but a Sesame Street character telling children vaccines are safe is something the Texas senator won’t tolerate.

Big Bird has more credibility and is better qualified to be president than Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz has sold out to Donald Trump in hopes of someday becoming president, but what he doesn’t understand is that he will now be forever destined to serve Trump.

Cruz is forever trapped on Trumpian Street, while Big Bird has demonstrated the integrity needed to be president.


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