Erica Mena drops her clothes and poses for the “Gram”


Erica Mena she dropped her clothes and posed for the gram and the fans couldn’t be happier with that. Check out the post she shared on her social media account here.

‘Made of steel! Year 33 Thank you for proving that I cannot be destroyed. Grateful for more time in this life. 34 be good to me, ‘Erica captioned her post.

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Someone said: ‘Steel * but happy birthday sistaaaaa, don’t make crazy sacrifices or chile rituals. A lot of people in Hollyweird can’t make it past 33 without doing a lot of weird things for a little change. ‘

Another follower said: ‘Steel * ma Yasssss baby girl !! YOU DID IT! Happy birthday queen !! ‘ and one commenter said: ‘Happy birthday my Scorpio sistaaaa !!! Greetings for another year around the sun. ‘

One follower said: ‘Happy birthday twin !!!! mine is 27 today too, ‘and a fan said:’ Happy birthday Erica! You inspire, lift and you are so loved !! ‘

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Someone else said: ‘Happy birthday sister queen. So proud of everything you have done, inspired and survived. Phoenix rising from the ashes. I love you and. ‘

A fan posted this: ‘Can you please post more pictures of that dress. This is fire. ‘

Erica Mena She managed to impress her fans and followers with a new photo of her at 33. Check out the image she shared on her social media account below.

Someone commented on Erica’s makeup and you can check it out here: “Gorgeous, but the foundation shade was a little too light.”

Erica’s ex, safety is offering support to one of his friends on his social media account. Check out her post here.
‘@miyamarcanofdn would like to announce her first sanctioned official fundraising event: “The Release – Fly High, Princess Miya!” Please join us in honoring our precious Miya on Friday November 5, 2021 at 4:26 pm in the Memorial Garden of Flanagan High School. – Purchase a butterfly to release on your behalf. – All proceeds will benefit the Miya Marcano Foundation. Please visit to purchase and help us achieve our goal of releasing 1900 butterflies. ‘

He also said: “Live performances, special dedications and a tree planting ceremony are also part of this inaugural event. We kindly ask those in attendance to wear blue. The number ’19’ is a demonstration of Miya’s age and Our scheduled event time (4:26 am) is a reflection of her birthday. We thank you for your continued love and support and look forward to seeing you next week! #miyamarcano #miyamarcanofdn, ‘he captioned his post.

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