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Erika Jayne Accused of Failure to Release Bank Records When RHOBH Star’s Attorney Called to Court for Divorce

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Erika jayneThe divorce attorney is being called to court to answer questions about his alleged false divorce filing against Thomas girardi.

As the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star reportedly refuses to hand over her bank records, the attorney hired to investigate her finances is calling Larry ginsburg, from Harris Ginsburg LLP, to the court in hopes of finding out more about the couple’s possible attempt to hide their assets.

According to court documents obtained by Online radar June 23 Ronald richards you are asking the court for permission to depose and examine the divorce attorney regarding not only your client but also the RHOBH the star separates from Thomas.

In addition to requesting a copy of all text messages exchanged between Erika and Larry in which a non-attorney was included in the communication, Ronald wants the attorney to disclose who paid his legal bills because he believes that “it will also potentially identify any assistant or an accomplice to help Erika hide the Debtor’s assets. “

“Payments to an attorney are not privileged and neither are Harris Ginsburg’s financial records,” he explained his request.

While Thomas, who allegedly suffers from late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, continues to face bankruptcy proceedings, Erika is being accused of failing to “provide access to her management company” and “the books and records of EJ Global or any of its affiliated companies.. “

Earlier this week, it was reported that Erika had potentially received $ 20 million in funds from Thomas, which were likely owed to her former clients, creditors, and lenders.

Erika filed for divorce from Thomas in November 2020 after 21 years of marriage and requested spousal support, which he was quick to object to.

Since then, the divorce case has been put on hold due to the many other legal issues Thomas faces, as well as the current guardianship he is under.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8 / 7c on Bravo.

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