Erykah Badu insults a fan who called her for Travis Scott’s support


Erykah Badu didn’t mince words with a person on Twitter who overshadowed Erykah’s way to support Travis Scott.

Travis is at the center of the deadly Astroworld Festival which has claimed the lives of eight people and left hundreds of other injuries in Houston.

Authorities said fans were trampled as crowds huddled towards the stage as Travis closed his festival prime time on Friday.

In addition to a number of causes, Travis has been put under scrutiny for the deaths, as many people on social media are demanding that he be held accountable.

But he has a friend in Erykah Badu, who tweeted her support for Travis Scott while also recalling the victims late Monday night.

“Bless you @ trvisXX / Safe journey to all souls. I’m very sorry, “he wrote.

While fans discussed below about Erykah’s mentions on Twitter, one of the people who tweeted Erykah made her cheer.

The fan responded under Erykah’s tweet, “NURSE SHES OUT AGAIN !!!”

To which Erykah replied, “Fuk uh *.”

It appears that Ms. Badu does not play on social media.

However, she is not alone in her support for Travis.

Comedian Lil Duval also made a series of tweets urging others not to blame Travis Scott regarding the Astroworld victims.

Lil Duval also wrote: “Even if they would have stopped the event that [wouldn’t] they made that crowd [stop.] It probably would have made things worse. “

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