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ESPN The Undefeated Collection “Black History Always”

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ESPN The undefeated “Black History Always” collection. Through black history, we all win.

In a world where there are many content offerings to choose from, the question of “relevance” serves as a critical factor in determining whether viewers tune in and stay tuned. For many, the history of blacks has been and continues to be misunderstood because the history of blacks is more than stories and rituals shared by blacks for blacks during specific periods of the year. Black history is always, it is still relevant to all people.

Fortunately, certain programmers, networks, publishers, and advertisers understand and appreciate the value and importance of African American history and culture. As the leading sports television network, ESPN understands the fact that true history, including black history, is undefeated. Therefore, ESPN + brings cross-platform content through Undefeated “Always black history“Initiative to explore the intersections of sports, race and culture. Celebrating the themes of the everyday acts of courage and sacrifice that have always been the engine of black progress, and highlighting the unacknowledged role of black women in In the fight for total equality, The Source supports and salutes ESPN in its efforts to sharpen and strengthen the culture – ties that unite us all.We also believe that Black History is not limited to just one month a year.

Take a look at our 5 REASONS TO WATCH: ESPN + The Undefeated “Always Black History“Collection.

  1. One month is not enough.

African American history is not only important during the month of February (coincidentally, the shortest month of the year). It is important every day. Black history is a monumental part of world history and American history that impacts almost every aspect of human society and cannot be erased. From the origins of humanity, kingdoms and civilizations, scientific innovations, heroic explorations, human suffrages, protests for humanity, advances in the arts, culture, health, technology, sports and more were formed. Every day, black history is made as we live it and directly shape it. Understanding the profound challenges and successes of blacks will affect the attitudes and value systems of future generations. It will also lead to the respect and kindness that are sorely needed today and in the future.

two. Cultural empowerment.

For people of African descent, Back History is a celebration of our success stories. Success and leadership are not limited to the sports and entertainment industries, like many misunderstandings. To immerse yourself in traditions and travel through Black History, awaken and empower many with cultural understanding and light on those innovators and history-makers who helped shape the world for generations. Throughout history, countless men and women have created, contributed to, and inspired culture, from Africa to Europe and here in America, in ways that elevate and radiate, yet these stories and historical events, great and small, have been covered or mitigated. Celebrating and sharing these stories inspires people from all walks of life and shows the cultural connection that strengthens us throughout human history.

3. Black history is more than slavery.

The transatlantic slave trade and other slave trade missions were indeed an important and tragic part of black and human history. However, the extraordinary depth and scope of Black History requires a much broader presentation of it. From the 17th century until now, there is much more to discuss and cover beyond the slave narratives in America. While it should not be ignored, slavery should not be the sole or primary focus of Black History, as culture is always creating new stories, achievements, challenges, and contributions to society. New history makers are created every day, and Black History should cover more than just slavery and periods of civil rights in America. Our lives would not be the same if our ancestors did not protest and take risks to disrupt the system and effect change; Likewise, our lives would not be the same now if today’s leaders and innovators do not continue to advance the fight for freedom, justice, equity and inclusion. Black history is more than slavery and black culture is more than just sports and entertainment.

Bedroom Knowledge is power.

Throughout American history, blacks have had to fight for the right to learn. Years ago, there were strong and violent prohibitions for blacks to gain knowledge and share it with their children and the wider community. Blacks were also prohibited from attending certain schools. Similarly, non-black people received misinformation about the heroic journey of blacks. The ability to have an education is one of life’s most powerful gifts, regardless of the color of your skin. In today’s multimedia society, people gain knowledge from many platforms beyond research books, such as television, radio, websites, podcasts, social media, etc. Influencers are now using these platforms to share their knowledge, especially in the wider world of Sports. Whether exploring key locations in Black History, celebrating legendary moments and milestones in history, or simply appreciating the inspiring works of black athletes, artists, and influencers, knowledge is powerful. Celebrating powerful blacks who have impacted and made a difference in our world raises awareness and promotes diversity to show that anyone, regardless of race or age, can contribute and do something that impacts culture and can be recognized for it.

5. Darnella Frazier.

The brave young woman who filmed George Floyd’s murder is the focus of the latest addition to the Black History Always Collection in a movie called “I bear witness.” It was just a walk to the store with her cousin on May 25, 2020, setting her on the scene to witness and capture cell phone images that caused a worldwide charge in the fight for truth and justice. The 30-minute program will be seen through the eyes of the Frazier community and people across the country, including the sports world that was affected by his video. Tune in.

To explore The undefeated “HISTORIA NEGRA SIEMPRE” from ESPN + An initiative that expands into Black History month and deepens Black History throughout the year on all ESPN + and The Undefeated platforms. “This initiative will highlight moments and stories on and off the field that empower and inspire; moments of athletic heroism and moral heroism; moments that signify change and progress, and moments that show us how much work remains to be done. We want to show black fans that we are always there for them, we represent and reflect them, and we celebrate and appreciate them. “Said Raina Kelley, vice president and editor-in-chief of The Undefeated, ESPN’s multimedia content initiative that explores the intersections of sports, race and culture.

This post is a sponsored partnership with ESPN +. For more stories on mental health in sports, visit the Black History Always Collection at The Undefeated on ESPN +

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