Even Mika Brzezinski is scratching his head over Pete Buttigieg’s “zero economic sense” explanation for disrupted supply chains and labor shortages.


Supply chains would not be broken if people stopped buying things!

What if we had affordable childcare, apparently.

Let Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg explain:

there is video here if you don’t believe Kraushaar’s tweet.

Uh Huh.

Well, if nothing else, the Biden administration is getting more creative.

This is what Buttigieg seems to want to achieve.

Which puts us in the unfortunate position of having to try to process everything while knowing that the people who call all the shots are idiots.

Until spaghetti gets too expensive. Then they will have to make do with ice cubes.


We can’t believe we’re saying this, but Mike Brzezinski speaks for all of us right now:

Right there with you, Mika.

Twitch video recommended


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