Exclusive interview with Kulpreeya Buddharudisuk


Kulpreeya Buddharudisuk is a seasoned leader who joined Zoetis more than seven years ago to lead the regional financial function for Southeast Asia, ultimately leading all Asia Pacific countries. In this role, he successfully led multicultural and geographically diverse teams through a period of business transformation.

His experience and development as a financial leader led to his appointment as CEO of Zoetis Thailand nearly two years ago, in the midst of new and challenging environments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since his appointment as General Manager, Kulpreeya has led the team to embrace change both externally and internally and to find new ways to improve customer experiences.

With a clear goal of influencing the customer journey through digitization initiatives, Kulpreeya joined the team under a shared vision of pushing Zoetis Thailand to be at the center of customer minds. Drive with the mindset of achieving challenging business goals, continually supporting an inclusive corporate culture and the well-being of colleagues.

In addition to her leadership role at the helm of over 130 employees or colleagues, she is also a working mother of two young daughters and works with her husband to look after their family excellently. He says his family’s support has always been a source of strength.

Q: What is your vision for corporate culture?

A: Zoetis fosters an entrepreneurial culture where colleagues share the company’s success by providing value solutions to customers with one purpose in mind: to feed our world and humanity by promoting animal care.

One of my most important responsibilities is setting expectations on the corporate culture needed to achieve our goals. Each colleague plays a role in bringing our culture of core beliefs to life. These core beliefs are: our colleagues make a difference; Always do the right thing; Obsession with the customer, run it as if you own it; and we are a Zoetis.

Meanwhile, embracing diversity, equity and workplace inclusion is another of my aspirations. Acceptance and learning are good starting points that have led me to be open to discussion and free sharing of opinions with my teams. I am always happy to openly share interests, concerns and ideas in meetings and in my free time with colleagues.

I encourage my team to incorporate these values ​​into all actions and decisions and am committed to reinforcing them in town hall meetings, executive conferences, and smaller activities such as group meetings, individual performance conversations, and other peer engagement activities. I believe it is necessary to constantly communicate and put ideas into practice to stay focused, especially in times of challenge.

As we are committed to building an inclusive work environment and encouraging our colleagues across the company to fully express themselves, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work team is now working hard with me and my team. of leadership to support our colleagues in alignment, recommendations and implementations. Because we are One Zoetis.

Q: How did you build a positive workplace culture?

A: I prioritized cultivating a positive corporate culture through a single goal of bringing different voices and experiences into play when achieving our business goals. I am surrounded by talented and passionate colleagues and my goal as a leader is to actively create opportunities for them to be involved, to be responsible for our vision and to feel that they belong to Zoetis. I try to be a good example to my colleagues in my leadership style and approach.

Furthermore, I am so proud that Zoetis Thailand has participated and is now certified as Best Places to Work in Thailand 2021. In addition to understanding that our colleagues feel proud to be a Zoetis colleague, the process to be recognized by the organization has allowed me and my management team to discover areas where we can improve our culture even more.

Our team achieved a very high survey response rate and the result outperformed the global benchmark by 70% across all categories with an overall engagement score of 82%, meaning 82% of peers believe that Zoetis Thailand is the best place to work and an employer of choice in Thailand.

With a strong culture of running it as if you own it, our colleagues have been continually encouraged to take ownership of their business results and be creative in finding faster, smarter ways to do business. As they went about their job, the management team and I focused on keeping colleagues informed about our vision and strategic goals, building consensus through various communication channels, and actively listening to provide timely support in the form of tools, resources and guide.

Q: From a leadership perspective, what lessons have you learned from this difficult time?

A: The first and most important goal for me and my management team was to fully support our colleagues to cope with the new challenges at home and in business. Despite external challenges, we have never stopped developing and investing in the development of our talent, improving the knowledge of colleagues and all-round skills and supporting their well-being to be ready for any difficulty and balance their personal and working life. We have built several initiatives to involve our colleagues and seize every opportunity to communicate and update the company’s key movements. Additionally, we recognize that everyone is an important member of their family, so our colleagues should be able to thrive on both business and personal goals. We have invested significantly in initiatives that continue to make our colleagues feel safe, secure and supported.

Once they feel supported and inspired to operate under the new dynamics, they are able to think and respond well to their current barriers and limitations with a strong responsibility that clearly shows in our results. The ongoing pandemic has drastically impacted customers, purchasing behaviors and the way we do business, however a well-aligned and empowered team at Zoetis Thailand has been able to devise new and creative ways to connect with them.

Partnership and co-creation to create new offerings in order to maintain and improve customer connectivity, as well as design digital experiences based on changing customer needs, have been our focus since the inception of COVID-19. The use of global digital platforms and analytics-based customer service solutions has indeed given us tremendous leverage in transforming our future market strategies. Sustainability is another area that has become increasingly important in our daily life and has a strong impact on our communities, animals and the planet. Our sustainability team has initiated various valuable initiatives in Thailand that strengthen our role as a responsible partner for our customers and communities and engage our colleagues to participate and contribute to our sustainability goals.

Finally, one of the most important and effective lessons has been to create a deliberate focus on recognizing the efforts of our colleagues, no matter how big or small. It’s really about celebrating victories and accomplishments together as a team and expressing genuine gratitude where it’s deserved. It’s not always easy in a fast-paced, pandemic-limited and socially distanced environment, but I can proudly say it can be done.


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