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A beautiful home sweet home is where we want to be in the most comfortable zone. The expanse of the outside world can exhaust you to the point of wanting to hide behind the doors of your bedroom, your safe space. Being able to have your room decorated to give you positivity might sound like an excerpt from a self-help book. But not! ExclusiveLane has endless options to beautify your home and bring positivity to your space that you can call your own. While providing customers with the most positive environment, they bring new life to the artisans of India.

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ExclusiveLane – A new life for Indian artisans and a new vibe for your abode

With overwhelmingly wide options for handicrafts, ExclusiveLane was founded in 2012 with the aim of promoting handicrafts globally and giving artisans in India and different parts of the world a better life. From the ideation stage, they spend time with artists and designers to create unique crafts for the world. Each product is individually designed and uniquely placed to bring freshness into your home.

They have made sure to provide them with long-term and sustainable business models. While they have secured the lives of artisans around the world, they also paid great attention to fusing global art forms with the crafts of the people of India. Whether in the dining room, decoration, gardening or furniture, they have appropriate elements for both traditional and contemporary homes. Having said that, their products are priced in a range that would give Chinese products a run for their money.

Home beautification at your fingertips

While on my holistic wellness journey, I had everything in place. My essential oil diffuser, my workout setup, and my yoga accessories, but one thing I was missing was houseplants to give me oxygen and positivity. I visited ExclusiveLane by chance and there was no going back. As I was filtering through the products, I knew I was in for a tough time with so many high-quality, unique, and affordable products. How would I choose just one or two?

Hand-painted ceramic pots with floral motifs “Mughal Roots”

Indian artisans - ceramic pot

While looking for planters for my houseplants, I was greeted with some overwhelmingly beautiful planters. It was quite a task selecting the hand painted ceramic mughal flower pots. The design is red with multicolor hand painting. There is a drainage hole to expel excess water, which prevents the plant from rotting from overwatering. The hand painting is durable and has been gracing my work table for quite some time. This product comes in a set of two. For the price, two pots are a steal.

‘Climbing Squirrels’ Decorative Handmade Garden Table Cum Wall Showpiece in Terracotta

Indian artisans - terracotta

The ‘Climbing Squirrels’ Handmade Garden Decorative Table can be used as a display piece on a table or as a wall mounted piece. You can add an edge to it by keeping a plant inside, but the product is majestic in its own way and doesn’t need any added edge. The item is handmade of terracotta and the painting is done by hand. Two small holes can be used to hang them on the wall. This is one of the most unique and of its kind products.

Take a look at ExclusiveLane for unique and stunningly beautiful handicrafts for your home. You can be sure that you are also contributing to improving the lives of artisans in India and at the same time improving your own.

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