“Exercise cannot absolve you of the sins of eating badly”: Gul Panag shares the rules of fitness


“The first photo is where I am. The second photo is where I want to be. The images are exactly one year apart,” said Gul Panag

Experts often point out that fitness is not a destination and that you shouldn’t stop exercising once you reach your goals. It seems that actor Gul Panag also believes the same way.

Recently, she shared two photos that were taken exactly one year apart. “The first picture is where I am. The second picture is where I want to be. The pictures are exactly one year apart. And proof that I have forgotten the two important rules of fitness,” he wrote on Instagram.

According to gul,

* Fitness is a journey. Not a destination. (You don’t relax once you get to a place where you are happy. You set yourself new goals. Innova.
* Exercise cannot absolve you of the sins of eating badly. (You can work out as much as you want, but if you don’t eat right, it won’t work.)

The 42-year-old also revealed how strength training helped her fitness journey. “I am grateful to @bodyfit_deepavaswani for helping me on my journey. I have made strength an important part of my regime. The other days, I run. Long way to go. But I started, that’s what matters, “he added.

How does strength training and conditioning help women?

“For years, women have been misinformed that weight training is not for them and that they should only focus on cardio exercise. However, while doing cardio training is important, you also need to focus on weight training for overall health, ”said Sameeran Chetia, certified fitness instructor, K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences, in a piece exclusive to indianexpress.com.

According to Chetia, a well-designed cardio and strength training program can help you achieve a well-toned body. Many studies have shown that with strength training you are able to burn more fat and gain lean muscle mass than with simple cardio.

Some of the best strength training workouts are:
* Dumbbell Shoulder Press
* Alternating dumbbell rows
* Chest press with dumbbells
* Triceps pushdown
* Hammer curls

It is also important to take into consideration that doing regular weight training has also been shown to improve sleep quality, which keeps a person active and able to work efficiently.


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