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Obtaining health insurance coverage has become a necessity in typical times when the cost of health centers experiences constant inflation. Many countries have national health insurance plans that provide affordable health care, especially to disadvantaged sections of society.

So if you stay in the United States and want to know more about the health insurance plan that is run by the government, you should learn more about Medicare in VA.

The different health insurance schemes that are available in the United States

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Different schemes are available in the US However, schemes A and B are the main ones. And if you want to buy something in addition to the primary ones, you must first be a beneficiary of Plans A and B.

As for basic eligibility for parts A and B of the insurance plan, anyone over the age of sixty-five is included. However, some other people who are under the age of sixty-five can also take advantage of the plan benefits if they have a chronic condition such as various kidney diseases that usually require regular hospitalization for dialysis or other treatment.

So before understanding the other schemes, you just need to know what is included in the main scheme (plans A and B). So, scheme A covers the cost of hospitalization of the beneficiaries. And scheme B covers the cost of outdoor patient care. Apart from these two basic schemes, there are several others that are listed below.

Part C

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If you buy plan C from a private health insurer, you get coverage for hospital visits, the cost of blood required for blood transfusion (up to three pints of blood), hospice care, and outdoor patient services. In addition, you also get coverage to hire a qualified nurse. It is one of the most complete schemes that you can take advantage of.

There are various ailments that need proper nursing and rehabilitation care. In such ailments, you do not have to visit a doctor as an outdoor patient nor do you have to occupy a hospital bed. Also, older adults may have trouble moving around and doing their usual activities, and they may need proper care in their daily lives.

The cost of hiring a trained nurse can be a heavy burden, especially for older adults, since they do not have a regular source of income. In addition, this plan also covers the cost of medical care facilities that you may need when traveling abroad.

Most countries require you to have health insurance so that you can pay your hospital bills in case you get sick while visiting another country. So if you have paid for plan C, you can be calm with your medical expenses when you travel to another country.

Part D

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In this case, you get coverage for regular hospital stays, outdoor patient services, the first three pints of blood, nursing facilities, etc. You also get coverage for expenses you might have to incur if you get sick while visiting a foreign country.

However, there is a slight difference from the previous scheme (plan C). In this case, you only get eighty percent of the cost incurred for medical expenses in a foreign country.

Also, you are not insured for cases where the doctor charges more than what the plans cover. A doctor can charge up to fifteen percent more than the coverage, and you have to pay that extra money out of pocket.

Part F

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It is more complete compared to the previous plan (D). Therefore, it covers hospitalization, outdoor patient care services, nursing services, etc. But it also covers extra money a doctor can charge above the limit prescribed by the plan.

However, there is still a major limitation. If you get sick in a foreign country, you still get up to eighty percent of the money and not the full amount.

However, there is no standardized premium, and the money you must pay varies depending on the state you live in and the specific insurance company you buy the policy from.

Also, if you are one of those who really do not mind paying out-of-pocket expenses in advance, you can choose a variant of the scheme that allows a high deduction.

In addition, you must have a minimum ten-year period of employment to qualify for basic (A) coverage. But if you have somehow not worked for ten years, you will have to pay the premium for the main facility and also the supplemental plan. However, this scheme is not available for people joining the program after 2020.

Part G

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In addition to regular inpatient and outpatient services, there is coverage for nursing services and charges for blood transfusions. In addition, money spent during a health emergency in another country is also covered; however, the deductible is only eighty percent.

The only major point of difference between F and G is that the former covered Part B deductibles. But again, Part F is no longer available, so new users don’t really have a choice between G and F.

In addition to the programs listed above, there is the part M, N, etc. However, the ones listed above are the most popular and provide fairly comprehensive coverage.


There is no doubt that having health insurance is a must, but choosing a suitable scheme is also equally vital. You have to select the program that best suits your needs. So if you travel abroad frequently, choose Part C because it provides full coverage for health care expenses in a foreign nation.

In addition to your needs, you must also consider your ability to pay the premium that the insurance company will charge. In addition, if you have not worked for a minimum of ten years, you will need to pay the premium for the main facility (A and B) in addition to the supplement option you choose.

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