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Cage Titans is a combat sports promotion based in Massachusetts, New England. Since marketing is such a specific area within combat sports, I thought I’d outline the marketing mix for New England fight promotion. The marketing mix comprises ‘the 7 P’s’, which include product, price, promotion, place, people, packaging, and process. These elements can be put together to form a comprehensive plan to drive a successful business.


Cage Titans 59 event promotional poster

Cage has an illustrious set of merchandise, which applies similarly to other fighting promotions. For example, the events that your wrestlers compete in are the core product that probably generates the most revenue. Second, the athletes of him. They are the ones selling the event to current Cage Titans audiences and potential MMA audiences.

Screenshot of Cage Titans e-commerce

In addition to their events and fighters, they also have an eCommerce strategy. It’s a relatively small collection of hoodies, hats, shirts, and other apparel. However, as the profile of the organization increases, its e-commerce assets are likely to grow. Having a collection of brand name products is beneficial for many reasons. For example, it ignites brand recognition among your audience and improves their engagement with your online community. Third, it adds another stream of income among your other products/services.


Regarding Cage Titan’s e-commerce strategy, they have deliberately placed their products in a price range of between $9 and $45. Whereas, if you look at a brand like UFC, chances are they have a larger scale of products at a broader price range. The reason is that they are a larger company that has generated more revenue through their products and services. On the other hand, Cage is on an upward trajectory of growth, so it has set the scale of its products and prices to meet the scale of its organization.

Cage Titans Ticket Promotion
Cage Titans Ticket Promotion

Cage’s pricing strategy will align with the host of your events. For example, depending on where they hold their events and which rows they want to sit in, the customer will contribute to the ticket price. In addition to this, there will also be a variety of pricing options for this. For example, fans will have the opportunity to access VIP tickets in addition to standard tickets.

For fight promotions experiencing growth, to maximize their pricing strategy, exploring options for hosting external events related to athlete meet-and-greets and the like has proven to be efficient. Added to this, holding award ceremonies to celebrate your promotion’s achievements is another efficient generator for more revenue and endorsement from your athletes.


Most of Cage Titans’ promotion is done through their social media channels. According to my research, the platforms include TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Their strategy for each channel differs slightly from a content perspective. For example, when they don’t have events any time soon, they will reuse archived fight footage to keep fans engaged within the brand.

Cage Titans Twitter Feed

On Twitter, they offer this with the hashtag #WeAreCageTitans to optimize brand awareness. Also, they will add their sponsors in the subtitles to support them through the Cage Titans brand.

The latest Cage Titans YouTube video

They will promote more event-focused content on YouTube, such as clips from press conferences, the build-up to fight night, and more.

On TikTok and Instagram, content themes typically revolve around user-generated content, athlete-driven marketing, and archived fight highlights.

Of course, closer to event promotion, Cage will prioritize harder advertising through banners around the venues where events occur.


As for the venue, Cage’s product can be obtained through the sale of tickets for live events.

As for their products, this is available through their website.

Awareness of each product will likely come from social media promotion.


As for the audience that Cage Titans draws in, they will, of course, be fight fans. However, what does the average fight fan look like?

Ultimately, it will be those who watch the sport alongside others, professionals who work in the industry, and those who train in gyms that specifically focus on MMA.


In addition to their merchandise, Cage’s best efforts with packaging go into their color schemes that they use for social media and web promotion. Plus, his inventory is likely to come with the same color schemes embedded in their logos and other branding materials.


The core processes Cage will be interested in are purchasing tickets and merchandise and raising awareness about your events.

These services defend themselves through their promotional strategies, including social media and website marketing. Therefore, the detection of SEO opportunities comes into play; for example, making the sitemap comprehensive enough to detect where to find event information.

To conclude, the Cage Titans marketing mix is ​​very much geared towards promoting their events through their digital marketing channels, with a lot of focus on social media content. Are there any other items that I missed?


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