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The UFC is one of the world’s leading sports leagues in the world of MMA and combat sports. The company acquires approximately more than 7 million monthly visitors to its website. However, more than 3.3 million visitors are new visitors per month. Through December 2022 and February 2023, the leading MMA promotion has experienced 21.19 million views. These are huge numbers for an independent organization, and UX Design is a major contributing factor to web traffic. So let’s waste no time exploring the UFC UX design strategy.

When you land on the UFC home page, it displays a banner promoting the company’s upcoming event. This demonstrates a solid understanding of typical fan behavior. Consumers want to know more about what comes next when an event ends.

As you can see at the bottom of the banner, they have a Timex countdown that represents the amount of time left until the next event. Timex is the UFC Fight Watch Sponsor, and this is a smart way to integrate an enhanced user experience with a promotion from one of their sponsors.

The banner has two tabs, one titled read now and one titled ‘UFC 30th Anniversary’. The titled tab would typically direct consumers to purchase tickets, but the company’s UX design team has taken a unique approach due to 30 years of the UFC. These are two behaviors strongly associated with fans, attending events, and more general information related to backstory, narrative, and where they can see you if they don’t attend.

Site Map

As you may notice at the top of the website, six tabs define your sitemap. Again, these represent the features the UFC audience cares about the most. For other UX designers or web content professionals, this is a point to keep in mind for learning purposes. Make sure your sitemap is influenced by the interests and behaviors of your target audience rather than promoting the services you want them to know about. That way, you’re more likely to gain traffic over longer sessions. When it comes to raising awareness for particular services, you can implement it through other features such as popups.

Scroll home page

When you hover over an element on the website, it expands in size ever so slightly. This adheres to a strong UX design principle of improving consumer usability.

Additionally, the home page is filled with news on different topics, including athletes, events, and fight coverage. This improves UX design because time doesn’t stagnate. Instead, consumers always want to stay up to date with the latest developments.

language transcription

Scrolling right to the bottom of the UFC web page allows you to select a different language. Since the UFC is a global organization with a variety of different audiences, it helps consumers get transcribed content in their native language.


From the color coding to the page layout and sitemap, the UFC website has strong brand equity, giving its consumers a strong sense of muscle memory every time they view brand-published content. .

What UX design principles stand out to you with the UFC?

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