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Competition in the e-commerce industry is intense and requires innovative strategies that businesses can use to engage customers, maintain loyalty, and generate referrals. The data generated by peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms can provide a competitive advantage through unique insights that reveal customer preferences, product quality, and upcoming trends. P2P platforms exist in almost every consumer sector, making them a rich source of data for mainstream, alternative, and niche categories, as long as no personal or copyright-protected data is collected: Goods and services Money lending platforms P2P cryptocurrency exchanges Fundraising and crowdfunding platforms Online freelancing and talent search platforms Ridesharing services All of these platforms……

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Andrio Palionis

Since 2015, Andrius Palionis has been supporting top companies around the world on their journey to data-driven decision-making. His motto “persistence is progress” has led him to transform global attitudes towards the importance of data for business success and growth. As Director of Sales and then Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Oxylabs, Andrius gained a deep understanding of the major challenges that arise with data acquisition. Every day, he uses his problem-solving and team-management skills to accelerate the performance of numerous businesses by successfully matching their data needs with the most effective solutions.

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