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F1 Movie; Details and Expectations of Lewis Hamilton’s $300 Million Project Starring Brad Pitt and Damson Idris

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Last weekend, Lewis Hamilton won the British GP for the ninth time and stole the show from everything around him. His poetic victory drew cheers from even the furthest corners, including his arch rivals. However, just before his iconic win at Silverstone, Lewis’ $300 million company released its first teaser. And while we got drunk on the display of Formula 1 sport at its finest (Lewis’ win), it’s only fair to talk about the movie trailer now that we’re back to normal. The Brad Pitt-starring film, F1, is set to be released on July 25, 2025. While that seems like a long time to wait for the thrilling thriller, let us take you on a journey through the details we do know!

Details we know about the film ‘F1’ produced by Lewis Hamilton and starring Brad Pitt

Lewis Hamilton recently backed the title of the movie amidst backlash. Fans accused the makers of lacking creativity but Hamilton said, what else could they have called it especially since they were bringing out the truest nature of the sport in its rawest form? Let me tell you. Last year, Brad Pitt and Damson Idris of ‘APXGP’ joined the F1 grid as the ‘11th team’ where they took part in the installation lap, media interaction, national anthem ceremony, etc. They then went to Spa and Monza, etc., to go on to film the venture produced by Apple Studio. To make the movie realistic, Brad and Damson have been driving a Formula 2 car along with the real drivers to give birth to the most chilling reality in cinema. Apart from that, while analysing the trailer, I came across some other real aspects of the movie. The cameo of Max Verstappen and Guenther Steiner took the audience by surprise. The tension of Javier Bardem’s team manager was also a big part of the teaser. There was a scene where Alex Albon crashes, other scenes where the APXGP races with Red Bull and Alpine. This is as real as it gets!


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Joseph Kosinski and Jerry Bruckheimer’s film has seen its obstacles in the Hollywood actors’ strike, but the team seems to be going strong with the unconditional support of the F1 circus. This year, there seemed to be an urgent scene shot in the mixed zone, where television and print media gather after qualifying and the race. Pitt and Idris (visible moving around in the background of the real interviews) each filmed scenes being “interviewed” while the film crew occupied a specific position, like any other announcer. With this gigantic preparation, how could the world of the film not look forward to it?


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What to expect from the F1 movie?

This high-octane drama that mixes intensity and glamour has also twisted our reality. The movie has gone to great lengths to convince people that it is as real as it seems. Do you know why? This is because the creators have supposedly “brought” life to the fictional characters, teams, and other aspects of the Apple Studios-produced movie. The APXGP team has a X handle (formerly known as Twitter) and even an Instagram of their own. To add to that altered timeline experience, the fictional characters (Joshua Pearce played by Damson and Sonny Hayes played by Brad) also have their accounts where they post updates after their ‘races’ and about their team dynamics. The team account also does the same.


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Talk about dedication! We have seen multiple types of films and shows produced in the paddock, including the unprecedentedly successful documentary series Drive to Survive. The Netflix show is credited with bringing hundreds of millions of fans to the screen. It is a brilliant attempt to catapult the specialist sport of F1 to the masses. And this film is expected to be the icing on the cake. Despite the mixed reactions about the actors’ media presence being on the grid before the actual race, it cannot be ruled out that the teaser for the film has created quite a stir. We are certainly in for a never-before-seen experience. What are your expectations from the film?


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