Facebook whistleblower says it fueled the Capitol uprising and deliberately amplifies hatred and disinformation for profit


Frances Haugen, a former Facebook manager, appeared on 60 minutes to denounce the extent and intentionality of the company’s malignant and amoral practices: “Facebook, over and over again, has shown that it prefers profit to security”.

He said Facebook prematurely disabled security measures designed to counter disinformation and mob insurrection after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump last year, claiming this contributed to the deadly Jan.6 invasion of the US Capitol. United.

After the election, the company dissolved a civic integrity unit it had worked in, which Haugen said was the moment it realized “I don’t trust that they are willing to actually invest what needs to be invested. to prevent Facebook from being dangerous. “

At issue are the algorithms that govern what appears on users’ news feeds and how they favor hateful content. Haugen said a 2018 change to the flow of content helped create more divisions and grudges in a network apparently created to bring people together.

Haugen will testify before the congress this week. His appearances rocked the company enough to try ator anticipate the 60 minutes report with a reminder written by top Facebook executive Nick Clegg.

Of course, everyone has a rogue uncle or old-school classmate who has strong or extreme views that we disagree with – this is life – and the change has meant that you’re more likely to run into them as well. their post. Even so, we have developed industry-leading tools to remove hateful content and reduce the distribution of problematic content. As a result, the prevalence of hate speech on our platform has now dropped to around 0.05%.


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