Fantasy Defense Leaderboards Week 11: Who to start, sit down at D / ST in fantasy football


While only two teams are on hold this week, our Week 11 Fantasy Defense Rankings are feeling the effects. Rams are typically a must to get started, while Broncos can function as a waiver lead streamer. Perhaps equally important, the Broncos are the type of matchup that creates D / ST sleepers, so that too is thinning things out a bit.

Despite that, there are still some matchup-based games available this week; unfortunately, most are not particularly good defenses. The Eagles (versus the Saints) are arguably the best defensive unit widely available, but Trevor Siemian and the Saints are still playing fairly efficiently, so the matchup, at least on paper, isn’t overly tempting. The 49ers (@ Jaguars), Dolphins (@ Jets) and Washington (@ Panthers) are also in good positions, but all come with risks given their level of play this year.

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The Jets (against the Dolphins) and Falcons (against the Patriots) also have favorable home matchups, but they are still weaker defensive than the ones listed above, so you would start with a big risk.

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Some owners may need to take some risks this week, as lineup regulars like the Colts (@ Bills), Cardinals (@ Seahawks), and Steelers (@ Chargers) are in trouble. The Bengals have also been a popular game this year, but a matchup in Las Vegas won’t be easy.

Ultimately, you may choose to stick with a D / ST that has been useful to you for most of the year versus a mediocre defense that has a favorable matchup. We tend to favor pairings, but at this point in the season it’s important to take into account your record and outlook for the rest of the season. If you’re heading to the fantasy playoffs, then you can afford to go the “upper floors” route. If you’re in “must-win” mode, then play the matches, aim for the high ceiling and worry about next week on Tuesday.

It’s also a good idea to look into future pairings and consider bringing more D / STs in order to be ahead of the streaming game. For example, Philadelphia has the Giants, the Jets, hello, Washington, Giants and Washington through week 17. Even if you don’t want to use the Eagles this week against the Saints, it’s not a bad idea to have them around. Likewise, you may not like the Chargers versus the Steelers (or maybe you like them), but future matches against Denver (week 12), Giants (14) and Texans (16) may have an impact along the way. treatment .

Overall, this isn’t a great week for defenses. Some of the best units have favorable pairings, which is always great for those who own those D / STs, but not a good week if you need a streamer. Of course, any defense can be lucky and get some take away or TD return, so just follow your gut and hope for the best.

Grade: We will be updating these D / ST rankings throughout the week, so check out the latest analytics and player movement.

Fantasy Defense Leaderboards Week 11: Who to start, sit down at D / ST in fantasy football

Ranking squad
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs NYG
2 Tennessee Titans vs. HOU.
3 Buffalo Bills v IND
4th Carolina Panthers vs. WHAT
5 New England Patriots @ ATL
6th Cleveland Browns vs. DET. The Browns disappointed massively in a slightly favorable match last week, but the Lions simply don’t score, allowing for a good amount of sack as well. Detroit hasn’t gone above 19 points since Week 1 and has given up at least four sacks four times in the last six games. Cleveland has a high floor, and if it handles a couple of take-out dishes, it will also have a high ceiling.
7th Dallas Cowboys @ KC. The Chiefs are back on track after a series of multi-billed games, but the Cowboys are amassing takeaways at a fast pace. With at least two INTs in six games this year and more sacks in all but three, Dallas has a big lead despite the likelihood that the Chiefs will score a good amount of points.
8th Baltimore Ravens @ CHI. Chicago apparently rounded a corner before her bye, but still conceded three sacks and shot it twice. The Ravens haven’t forced many takeaways this year, but they come from a four-sack game and tend to keep scores low against mediocre offenses. The Bears definitely qualify, so consider the Ravens a high-ceilinged D / ST this week.
9 Miami Dolphins @ NYJ. Miami is finally starting to live up to its preseason hype, releasing monstrous games against each other. It was one thing for the Dolphins to generate five sacks and four takeaways against Houston, but following that four sacks, two takeaways and a D / ST touchdown against Baltimore certainly raised some concerns. It’s also worth noting that Miami has only conceded 19 points in the past two weeks combined. After five turnovers in week 10, the Jets remain one of the top three teams in terms of fantasy points per game awarded to D / ST, so the Dolphins are in a position to have another great week.
10 Philadelphia Eagles vs NO. Despite a QB change a couple of weeks ago, the Saints’ offense has remained fairly stable. However, we have a hard time thinking that Trevor Siemian will continue to play mostly football without turnover. New Orleans conceded four sacks last week, so maybe we’re starting to see some cracks in the system. The Eagles are coming out of a big week 10, giving them two impressive performances in their last three games. Consider Phillly a boom or bust option that is probably worth using in a tough week.
11 San Francisco 49ers @ JAX. San Francisco has been one of the biggest disappointments this season, but pretty much every D / ST scores fancy points against the Jags. Even when teams don’t get many sacks or takeaways, like Seattle in week 8 and Buffalo in week 9, the Jags score so few points that D / ST still have decent fancy days. In those games, Jacksonville scored seven and nine points respectively.
12 ° Washington Football Team @ AUTO. The Panthers’ first game without Sam Darnold still ended with two turnovers, but with zero sacks conceded and 34 attacking points scored, the Panthers may no longer be a “favorable” match. That said, no one is afraid of PJ Walker or Cam Newton, and Washington has been decent in the last five games. In that time frame, Washington averaged 2.4 bags and 1.8 takeaways. It still grants a good amount of points, but there’s clearly a decent floor here. Chase Young (knee) thinks he’s out, so that might be reason enough to look elsewhere, but it’s not like he’s doing big numbers this year, so we still think Washington may have a decent game.
13 Los Angeles Chargers vs PIT
14 Arizona Cardinals @ SEA
15 ° Cincinnati Bengals @ LV
16 Green Bay Packers @ MIN
17th Indianapolis Colts @ BUF
18 ° Pittsburgh Steelers @ LAC
19 ° New Orleans Saints @ PHI
20 New York Jets vs. MIA
21 Atlanta Falcons versus NE
22 Las Vegas Raiders versus CIN
23 Minnesota Vikings versus GB
24 Jacksonville Jaguars versus SF
25 Chicago Bears vs BAL
26 Detroit Lions @ CLE
27 Seattle Seahawks versus ARI
28 Kansas City Chiefs vs. DAL
29 Houston Texans @ TEN
30 New York Giants @ TB


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