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FC Barcelona – La Liga: Messi will become a free agent at midnight tonight

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Lionel messi it will not be, at least on paper, a Barcelona player since midnight June 30, as the Argentine has yet to reach an agreement with the club on a new contract.

Since then Joan Laporta returned as Barcelona president in March, it has been his number one goal to get Messi put pen on paper on a new contract, but the Catalan club’s all-time top scorer has yet to do so.

Messi wanted to leave last summer

It is worth remembering that Messi he was ready to go Barcelona last summer, when the 34-year-old man submitted a transfer request to the then president Josep Maria Bartomeu through a burofax, however, the Blaugrana They were unwilling to let him go and instead signaled to interested clubs his € 700 million release clause.

Laporta He was aware that he had to try to fix the situation, so throughout his election campaign he made it clear that Messi He had confidence in him because he had stayed true to his word with the Argentine during his first stage in office.

However, it has been four months since Laporta turned Barcelona president and there is no agreement between the club and Messicamp.

Laporta has a very good relationship with Messi and his father, with whom he speaks frequently, but when it comes to reaching an agreement there are still some issues to be resolved.

These small differences could be fixed in the next few days, or it could take a little longer, but Laporta is clear that he wants an agreement to be reached imminently to avoid seeing Messi Become a free agent, even if it’s just for a few days.

There is another important reason why Laporta you want to make sure Messi It doesn’t take long to reach a new agreement at the Camp Nou: sponsorship contracts.

There are several companies that invest a lot of money in Barcelona Due to the fact that Messi, one of the most recognized athletes in the world, is there.

Without him in the club, the amount of money that Barcelona could bring in would be significantly affected. Given the club’s financial problems, this would be a serious blow.

It is possible that Laporta will try its best to come to terms with MessiThe camp before midnight tonight (June 30), but sources close to the negotiations point out that not all the remaining issues can be resolved in a few hours, unless one of the parties gives in to all their demands.

In the meantime, Messi represents Argentina in the Copa América in Brazil.

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