Features That you Should Look for in an LMS


A learning management system is a tool that helps to create, deliver and monitor training courses. In today’s corporate world, LMS is not just used for managing courses, it has become a part of the whole learning strategy. With the use of LMS, organizations are able to deliver the training courses effectively and get the best possible results.

To maximize the benefits of the LMS, you should choose it with features that are useful to your employee training and align with the organization’s objectives. There are must-have features that you need in an LMS, but new features keep on propping up. For instance, if you look at VelocityEHS features, you can see some new features like strong password security and anti-spam, etc. that will be beneficial to you. Along with this, it has the most popular features like self-registration, built-in authoring tool, and language settings, etc. 

So, always look for an LMS which has the most used and popular features and at the same time offers something new which would be useful. But at the end of the day, you should pick an LMS that has features that would help you deliver the training programs effectively. In this article, we have made it easy for you to pick the LMS based on the important features. Let’s look into a few of them.

1)Great user interface:

One of the key things one needs to look at while choosing an LMS is its user interface. If the LMS is very difficult to use, it might not serve the purpose. So an intuitive user interface is a must while you choose an LMS. The LMS should be designed in such a way that anybody can use it without any technical assistance. If the LMS is hard to use, there will be less employee engagement and involvement with the tool.

2)Mobile learning:

With mobile learning, learners can access the content anytime and anywhere. When they are stuck somewhere, they can easily access the content through their mobiles. This promotes a flexible learning system where everyone can learn when they want and how they want. With crisp and short content, learners can recall the information very easily. So, mobile learning is a modern tool to make learning more accessible.

3)Blended learning:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to engage the learners through one type of learning method. So, blended learning is the best way to provide customized learning experiences to your employees. Blended learning is a unique method that combines traditional face-to-face learning and online learning which allows learners to have control over the training. The newer generation wants freedom in whatever they do, blended learning provides them to learn at their own pace.

4)Free trial option:

Many LMS vendors offer a free trial and subscription model. With a free trial, you can experience the tool all by yourself without paying a single penny. Once you use the tool, you can know whether it has a great user interface and other important features or not. Once you are convinced of the ease of use and all the features of the tool, you can go for the subscription model. So a free trial is a great way to experiment with the tool and see if it will really add value or not.


Confidentiality and security is a huge concern for any organization when they decide to opt for a new tool. Organizations are uncertain about the payment process and the encryption of the data. So, when you search for an LMS, look for those which offer high security to the data and complete transparency related to payment. Learning management systems should offer industry-standard techniques to protect the information and never compromise on confidentiality.


With the abundance of LMS vendors, it becomes hard to pick the LMS that suits your requirements. To solve this problem, do adequate research on various learning management systems and check which offers the best features within your budget. We hope this article helps you in choosing an LMS that offers the best features.


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