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Feminine hunter who has killed lions, zebras, bears & crocodiles branded ‘murderer’ – however she says I’m now not sorry

A FEMALE hunter branded a “murderer” by way of wrathful animal enthusiasts has collision again – claiming it used to be fascinated by a excellent reason & she gained’t apologise.

Michaela Fialova, from the Czech Republic, even groups up along with her boyfriend, Miroslav Trauer, to seek ailing beasts – from zebras, to lions, crocodiles and bears.

Michaela Fialova has defended her controversial hobby


Michaela Fialova has defended her debatable interestCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild
She often shares pictures of her kills online


She steadily stocks footage of her kills on-lineCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild
She has regularly been targeted by animal lovers


She has frequently been focused by way of animal enthusiastsCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild
The model has hunted down numerous animals including bears, lions, crocodiles


The type has hunted ailing various animals together with bears, lions, crocodilesCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild

The type first led to a stir when she open her favorite passion right through look on ITV’s This Morning.

She has since been dubbed a “murderer” and gained loss of life warnings from audience however that doesn’t deter her from proceeding.

She has met her unused beau, Miroslav Trauer, thru their shared love for looking and the couple went directly to stalk extra prey in combination.

Michaela believes that by way of killing animals they’re in truth serving to to saving flora and fauna.

Even if they now and again execute for meals, the couple most commonly participates in conservation looking – aimed toward maintaining animal crowd from overcrowding.

In spite of consistent backlash on-line, the pair perspectives complaint as a part of being a hunter.

Michaela stated: “People often say we should die, give us death threats and insults, but it’s all part of it.

“We are both hunters, have the same beliefs and think that animals belong to nature.

“But hunting done properly helps conservation – so we’ve teamed up to help (these efforts) together.”

Michaela has killed many wild animals together with lions, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles and impalas as a part of flora and fauna control.

Pathetic video displays wolf’s ultimate moments cowering earlier than it used to be dragged out & shot by way of hunter who taped mouth close

Since teaming up with Miroslav, the 2 have introduced ailing bighorn sheep, foxes and wild birds – which they significance for meat.

The hunter says she attracts the sequence at poaching – particularly in South Africa – which is the place she at first met her spouse a couple of years in the past.

Their hobby for anti-poaching coverage has now not simplest blossomed into their love tale but in addition, a coaching venture to support patrols within the forest.

She stated: “I (met him while I) was filming some guys who are risking their lives to protect these precious wild creatures, but they had very poor equipment and training.

“I tried to help by looking for someone who could do this properly – such as those in the military.”

Miroslav – who was a sergeant in the jungle at the time – had volunteered to help the rangers and the two fell in love in the process.

He had served for three years against poachers and agreed with Michaela’s sentiments on hunting.

Michaela said: “Now, we are an action couple who hunt and shoot together.

“In our free time, we go to places where rangers need to be trained by professionals to be more efficient and it’s our way to help wildlife.

“We also film a lot of survival videos (to help those in the jungle).”

Although the pair have dubbed themselves a “hunting couple” they struggle to secure their personal month clear of the limelight – hardly sharing photographs of themselves in combination.

In a single uncommon symbol of the duo, they are able to be evident posing in the back of a useless fox.

Customers have flocked to the feedback to percentage their reactions with many crowd cutting the killing.

One particular person stated: “Photos of animal killing are not really in.”

Any individual else commented: “Really manly of you to shoot a little fox.”

“Bad luck to kill a fox,” someone else added.

Others are extra on board with the interest.

“Good luck to the hunt! Little beast needs fox hunters. If only there were more hunters who would hunt with their brains and not with their stomachs,” anyone commented.

Someone else added: “Fox is harmful (…) it hunts small game and I also often a carrier of various disease…so good job.”

Michaela’s hobby used to be sparked when she hunted her first deer at simplest 13 years used.

It has grown right into a complete interest when the type moved to South Africa from her local Czech Republic in 2013.

She claims crowd have attempted to “ban” her from the rustic over time.

The hunter claims that crowd are “uneducated” and urges those that name her names to do their analysis.

Pace some criticise her interest, Michaela believes she is preserve animals from extinction by way of taking pictures in poor health beats who might be spreading illnesses.

She added: “Lots of people say hunting is fun – but what about it is fun?

“Do you think that shooting, dragging, skinning, gutting and meat processing an animal is fun?

“It’s important to have the correct information about hunting.

“In South Africa, around 80% of this pays for the wild animals to be there – if they lose value, then cattle will replace them.

“This would be devastating for wildlife.”

Michaela Fialová caused a stir when she revealed her controversial hobby on ITV


Michaela Fialová led to a stir when she open her debatable interest on ITVCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild
She advocated against poaching and only participates in conservation hunting


She advocated towards poaching and simplest participates in conservation lookingCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild
Michaela has been branded a 'murderer' but that doesn't deter her from continuing


Michaela has been branded a ‘assassin’ however that doesn’t deter her from proceedingCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild
The hunter believes she is helping a good cause by killing sick or overpopulated species


The hunter believes she helps a excellent reason by way of killing in poor health or overpopulated speciesCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild
Michaela killed her first deer aged 13 and has developed love for hunting since


Michaela killed her first deer elderly 13 and has advanced love for looking sinceCredit score: Jam Press/@michaelkashuntingwild

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