Filibuster Republicans The John Lewis Voting Rights Act


More than 40 Senate Republicans have filed and blocked the debate over the John Lewis Voting Rights Act from the start.

Republicans refuse to allow debate on the voting rights law

Prior to the vote, majority leader Schumer said:

Again, the pre-authorization provisions that are updated in today’s bill have long been supported by both sides, repeatedly. The Voting Rights Act, which originally established them, has been updated five times in the past half century, under Republican and Democratic presidents and with votes from both sides. This has always been a bipartisan problem in the past.

It shouldn’t be any different today – and I pledge to my Republican colleagues that we will have a real debate process here in the Chamber, where our colleagues can offer relevant amendments and voice their concerns.

I hope more members across the aisle will follow Senator Murkowski’s example. Senate Republicans shouldn’t be afraid to simply start the debate on an issue that we have long debated and argued for in the past.

But crossing your arms and denying any opportunity for progress is unacceptable. If Republicans have different ideas about how to achieve a stronger democracy, they owe the American people to come forward and discuss their ideas.

Democratic voters want a law on voting rights

While the Senate tinkers endlessly with infrastructure, what its constituents really want is a bill to protect voting rights.

Leader Schumer was right. Republican obstruction is not acceptable.

It’s time for the Democrats in the Senate to get together, obstruct themselves, and pass a voting rights bill.

Wednesday’s vote was another step in Senator Schumer’s plan to prove to Senator Manchin and Sinema that Republicans will never work with them on voting rights.

The push is coming and if the Democrats want to keep their majority in the Senate, they need to pass a voting rights bill.


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