FILM – ‘Argh’ – you don’t want to miss this!


Monty Python meets Dungeons and Dragons – surely a combination you wouldn’t naturally have put together?

But with some figurines and some great shots, it was brought to life thanks to director Martin Gooch.

Argh and the quest for the golden dragon skull is a quirky comedy series of short episodes featuring some of the biggest names in the acting world.

And it will be launched this weekend at ComicCon in London.

Martin Gooch, director, says: “The idea for Argh was born in isolation. I started looking at some Dungeons and Dragon figures and a few pranks turned into a short video. I sent it to a friend in the US who found it great, so I did a little more.

‘Then I started recruiting some of the big names involved to participate and off we go. The rest is history and I can’t wait to launch Argh and his companions to the world this weekend. ‘

Martin Gooch, director of Argh.

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