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Finally, unlimited power with Apple’s MagSafe battery pack!

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Another week came and went, and with it came a surprise launch from Apple. Of course, I am talking about the MagSafe battery pack; seriously, it’s about time Apple!

That’s right, Apple has finally announced the MagSafe battery pack, and it will begin reaching customers this week starting July 19. Needless to say, I ordered one the moment I saw it, so stay tuned for my review this week. But as I write this, I have some thoughts to share.

First of all, there are those who wish Apple would release a smart battery case instead of a MagSafe battery pack, and I’m glad Apple didn’t go this route. As much as I liked the Smart Battery Case for my iPhone 11 Pro because of that convenient camera shutter button, those cases are not without their drawbacks. Silicone material never holds up well for a long time of daily use, and for people like me who update every year, it would be too late for a new battery case at this point. The MagSafe battery pack is already a much better option than a smart battery case because you can use any MagSafe compatible iPhone case you want, rather than being limited to Apple’s. The iPhone 13 is also very likely to have MagSafe, making this battery pack future-proof rather than limited to a single device.

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While I was a bit disappointed at first that the new MagSafe battery pack doesn’t even come with a cable, I have changed my mind after learning a bit more about the battery pack. First of all, it has two ways to charge: using a Lightning cable, which you probably already have, or it can be charged from your own iPhone while the iPhone is plugged in. Honestly, I have more than enough cables of all kinds laid out. everywhere in my house, so I think I can do without another one, especially those terrible Apple cables. I haven’t used Apple cables in several years (I keep them in the original box they came in); I would recommend buying some of the best iPhone 12 USB-Ca-Lightning cables and chargers to maximize your iPhone 12 and the MagSafe battery pack is charging anyway.

So far, I have tested two magnetic battery packs: the mophie snap + juice pack mini and the Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K. The mophie appears to have a 7.5W wireless output, while the Anker has a 5W wireless output, and both have a capacity of 5000mAh. I was surprised when I found out that Apple’s MagSafe battery pack appears to only have a capacity of 1460mAh, and it doesn’t have a 15W wireless output unless it’s plugged in like a regular MagSafe charger. While Apple hasn’t released any info on wireless charging output when not plugged in, I’m curious if it will be faster than Anker and Mophie or if it will be more or less the same. I really expected it to be 15W wireless fast charging, but hopefully it’s not that bad, I’ll find out this week. Again, you will need a power adapter with at least 20W to quickly charge the iPhone 12 and the MagSafe battery.

And one of the great surprises of the MagSafe battery pack is the fact that it can be charged with the iPhone itself. That’s how it is – reverse wireless charging. You know, that’s rumored since the iPhone 11. While the iPhone 12 doesn’t support reverse wireless charging with other devices, it looks like things are going to change, starting with the MagSafe battery pack. The MagSafe battery pack will require iOS 14.7 to display the battery pack status in the batteries widget, but it can also be a sign of things to come. Could the iPhone 12 charge AirPods in the future? Or maybe the iPhone 13 line will finally get it. Regardless, it is a good sign; Small steps!

Ok, I think that’s enough with the MagSafe battery pack. I am looking forward to it arriving on my doorstep tomorrow (if all goes well), and will have my review later this week for those who are curious. I’m definitely looking forward to testing it against the competition as well.

If you haven’t checked out Luke Filipowicz’s iMac M1 review this week, you should definitely check it out. And that blue is absolutely stunning!

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Until next time!

- Christine Romero-chan

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