Ford F-150 RHD for Australia: “Nothing to see here,” says local boss


A top-secret plan for a factory-supported right-hand drive version of the new Ford F-150 is under development by Ford Australia. However, the company remains tight-lipped, even though an example was spotted while being airlifted from the United States.

Ford Australia gasps on top-secret plans to bring the iconic F-150 to local showrooms, however Unit understands that the program is well underway.

Less than a month nach Unit revealed Ford Australia is exploring the possibility of a local, factory-supported, right-hand drive conversion program for the F-150 – and a photograph of an example flown from the United States has appeared online – the company is not still giving away nothing.

when Unit asked the Ford Australia chief this week why a new Ford F-150 was spotted on a pallet in the Melbourne airport cargo terminal – and if that meant the company was exploring the potential of a right-hand drive program. supported by the factory to sell the new F-150 in local showrooms – we were initially greeted with a break.

“We have nothing to share when it comes to the F-Series,” said Ford Australia chief Andrew Birkic Unit, before changing the subject.

While the new Ford F-150 program for Australia is not yet finalized, Unit understands that plans to bring the F Series back to local showrooms – after the model was phased out in 2007 – are well underway.

As previously reported, Unit he understands a number of engineering firms they were contacted by Ford Australia to bid on the contract, including suits in Australia, Thailand and the United States.

A Thailand-based company with strong ties to ford in the region it is intended to have been the successful tenderer.

However, if the program goes on, Unit is aware that the right-hand drive F-150 engineering and remanufacturing work will be completed in Melbourne under the supervision of Ford Australia’s engineering team.

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